The Hand of Fate: A Sims 3 Share House Wishacy.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Update (Not a chapter, sorry)

Hello, my awesome readers :)

I know I said my game was fixed, but that turned out only to be temporary. It's still unplayable. If you guys could help me with something, that'd be awesome.

I need someone to upload Sean to the exchange with NO Custom Content. Please. No store content either, base game only. The version I have in my studio has CC hair, and I don't want to risk it. The only times I've managed to get my game working were when I had no CC folders in it at all, so I'm going off that.

Here's the link to my Sean:

Post in the comments if you can upload. It doesn't have to be straight away, I still have another idea to test out first.

Thank you :)


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  2. Failed at the first attempt... I hope I got you right and you just wanted Sean without the CC hair. In this case this should work:

  3. That's actually a pretty good hair for him, amhranai :). If that doesn't work, I'll give it a shot.

    All the Sims3Pack CC being booted from my game really DOES appear to have improved my performance. Fingers crossed here.

  4. Thanks Amhranai, that's perfect :) I'll let you guys know how I go.