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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I'm an idiot...

Just letting you guys know that the next chapter might not be up for a little while because I'm waiting for their new house to get built by a request team on the forums (because I suck at building haha). And also because I spilled water on my MacBook.

Yes. It was not very much and I tipped it upside down straight away but the screen was kind of flickering and the cursor was moving on it's own... so I powered it off and now it's upside down on my bed draining.

I'm not too worried because this has happened before, and it was a lot more water that time. The kid I was babysitting tipped a whole cup of water on it and completely flooded the thing while she was watching her Justin Bieber video. It turned off on it's own straight away that time. But after I'd let it drain for a week (I probably didn't actually need to leave it that long) it was perfectly fine.

So I'll just let it drain for a day or so... and hopefully my computer is not wrecked! All going well I'll have a chapter up this time next week. Just thought I'd let you know since I usually update fairly quickly.

So. Don't let kids watch Justin Bieber. And use a water bottle when you're using the computer. Not a glass! I'm pretty sure I've learned my lesson now. No open cups of liquid near computers! Can you tell I'm really annoyed at myself?

Another thing - I'm using a windows desktop to post this, and I'm pretty sure it has borked graphics or something, because my blog is literally this icky aqua lime green colour, not the nice pale leaf green it is when I view it on my mac or phone. All the pictures look strange too. I hope it looks a nice shade of green on your computer... tell me please if I've been subjecting you to icky aqua lime green all this time...


  1. Yike!

    It's funny. I spilled fruit juice of all things on my laptop, and it was fine after drying for 24 hours. But we spilled water on my Mac keyboard a while back, and it completely destroyed 4-5 keys, including the SPACE BAR.

    I was sure you were going to say that your game was borked again. In light of that, this is much more cheerful news.

    I didn't know there was a forum where you could request houses!

    Also, I haven't been posting or playing all week because work and poor baby sleep have been hammering me. It's driving me nuts. I'm finally this >< close to actually going to Gen 4! And I should be writing this on my own blog, but this is far more stream-of-consciousness :-p.

  2. *shrug* chat as much as you want right here, it's not like it's an actual chapter post or anything.

    In creative corner on the forums there are threads where you can request builds and stuff. Here's one:

    Ah no! I hope you get some sleep soon :(

  3. oh, and what colour soes my blog look like to you, Susan?

  4. Well, to me your blog looks leaf green on my Windows computer. At least I'd say it is leaf green.

    And good luck for the draining - it is a relief to hear that you've more or less done it before and that it still worked after that. But a bottle of water can be dangerous,too - if you leave it open and then knock it over.... I once did that with a bottle of coke, which I threw off the computer table. Of course it was open and all the coke was on the processor. So - best would be not to drink at all when you are at the computer! :)

  5. Thank goodness. The way I'm seeing it at the moment it's this totally horrible unnatural colour. I'm thinking this monitor must just be crappy.

  6. It looks leaf green to me, but I'm using a Macbook Pro, and that's pretty close to what you used to build it.

    However, I think the issue is likely the monitor rather than the operating system.

    Sleep has been good for two nights. Need to get a post or two in before friends show up to visit!

  7. Yeah, I checked the colours on iPhone when I changed it, but that probably wasn't a very smart checking method because that is apple too haha. I think it's just this monitor. I got worried for a sec it was showing up like this on all PC's haha! But it looks fine for Amhranai :)

  8. hope your macbook dries out soon!!!
    you know i love building houses so if you want some building just let me know how you want them and ill do you some

  9. You know Julie I didn't even think of that haha! Ok I'll ask you next time but you don't have to say yes :)

    Macbook is dry and working! Except the left shift key no longer works which is a pain. I don't want to take it into the store because I'm pretty sure water damage voids the warranty. So I'll just adjust my typing style till I think of a better idea. It mystifies me how all the keys still worked when that kid flooded it and now I spill a tiny bit and the key stops working...

  10. glad to hear it has survived its bath :)

    I would be happy to make you some houses ask any time - sometimes I make lots instead of playing -- sometimes I prefer it :)