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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Gen. 2 Chap. 16: Electric Romantics

It’s amazing how quickly time passes. Before I knew it, I’d mastered my guitar skill. Since I’d mastered the painting skill a little while ago, that meant I’d completed my life time wish.

Sean had also completed his life time wish, he was now Emperor of Evil.
Sean and I - well, we were like a pair of teenagers, honestly. It’s like we were making up for lost time.

Our relationship was great - except for one thing. Yeah, we still hadn’t done it. Since that disastrous first time we’d slept together, it had been a no go. And it wasn’t just Sean - it was me too. I guess we’d held off for so long that I’d gotten all kinds of nervous about it. Mainly, I was worried that it would dredge up bad memories of that day, and that awful fight.
One day, Sean was being especially gentle with me, and I had a feeling that this time would be different. 

We were both a little bit broken, but we could fix each other, if we tried. There were a few uncertain moments, but we broke through, and finally we were complete.
I fought back another wave of nausea as I stared at the test. I was pregnant. 

I walked numbly out of the bathroom and curled up on the bed, waiting for Sean to come home.
After we got over our initial shock, Sean and I got extremely excited about my pregnancy. But our joy was marred by a tragic event. Sean’s co worker, Michael Bachelor, passed away when he was visiting us. 

Even though he and Sean hadn’t gotten on well at first, they had since become best friends. Michael’s death hit Sean very hard.

I had just curled up into bed one night when I felt the labour pains starting. Sean was at work, and there was no way I’d be able to drive myself to the hospital in this state. 

So I decided to have the baby at home. After a tiring labour, my little boy came into the world. I named him Dain. 

Sean came home just as I was putting Dain to bed.

The next morning, I checked on Dain and left a note for Sean, who was still sleeping. Then I drove down to the spa.
The hairdressing trainees were quite amused when I told them what I wanted. Yes, okay, I was getting hair extensions. I’d quite liked my short haircut, but now I was a mom it felt kind of daggy. 
The funniest thing was I didn’t know quite what to do with all my new hair. So I just tied it up, and kept it that way most of the time.
Dain was a good baby, and wasn’t very demanding, leaving Sean and I to do, well other more entertaining things.

It had seemed like a good idea at the time, but when I started getting sick a few weeks later, I was regretting not using protection. 

We loved Dain so much that we wouldn’t mind another baby, but now that it looked like I was pregnant again, I was a little nervous about having another one so soon after Dain.
I found Sean in the hobby room, and was trying to simultaneously work out if I was going to throw up again, and find the words to tell him I thought I was pregnant. Before I could do anything, however, he - got down on one knee?

I was in shock as I watched him fumble with the little black box. He nearly dropped it, actually. And then, he asked the question I never thought he’d ask. 

‘Sean - lets get married, right now.’
He looked surprised, understandably. ‘Right now?’
I nodded eagerly. ‘I know I don’t say it as much as you, but I love you Sean, and I don’t want to wait. And besides, I won’t be fitting into a wedding dress anytime soon.’
Sean’s eyes widened. ‘You’re not?’
I bit my lip. ‘I think I’m pregnant again.’
Sean hugged me, nearly lifting me off the floor, and kissed my cheek. ‘I love you. And I sure damn hope you’re pregnant, because I want a little girl!’

I kissed him, and then we exchanged rings. 

It was so special, and true to us, that nothing else mattered in that moment. 

When we broke apart from our kiss, however, I was brought back to reality.
‘Viola? Are you okay?’
‘No - I think I’m gonna be sick.’

It was the best day of my life.
I spent my pregnancy mostly painting and trying my hand at writing. I had taken a writing class when I was pregnant with Dain, and now I started writing a book, a sci-fi novel called Trent Davies and the Alien Invasion

I wasn’t sure it was much good though, and I thought I might be better off scrapping it and starting a new one. I liked the character of Trent though, so maybe I could use him in another book.

Sean was at home when I went into labour this time, though he barely seemed to notice.
‘Are you all right?’ he asked nonchalantly as he walked by.

‘No of course I’m not all right Sean!’ I snapped. ‘Go make yourself useful, get Dain, he’s - ahhh - crying!’
Sean left me alone for the rest of the labour, which was fine by me. After all, I had done this before without his help. I figured Sean’s feigned ignorance was just his way of dealing with things, but that didn’t make it any less annoying.
Finally, little Hermione was born. 

Well, at least Sean got his girl. I still wanted another boy, though that didn’t mean I loved Hermione any less. She was beautiful.
That night we had a little birthday party for Dain. 

He grew up into a gorgeous little toddler with Sean’s red hair and my blue eyes. 

I think he’s going to look like me when he grows up, though it’s hard to tell at the moment.
We showed Dain his new toys, then Sean and I went back out onto the deck for some alone time.

‘Guess what,’ I whispered in his ear. ‘I want another baby.’

Author's notes:

Hmmm, I seem to have used a Short Stack song title for the chapter title again. I really must try to come up with original ones. Anyway, I disclaim it, etc, belongs to the gorgeous Shaun Diviney and all that.
I’m done :)
Anyway! I thought a decent length chapter would be nice since the last one was so short.
As you might have guessed, I’m naming generation three after my favourite characters from kids books. I was going to continue the Shakespere theme and have Hamlet, Romeo, and Hermione running around, but I liked this idea better, and I still got to use the name Hermione.
Dain is named after my favourite character in the Deltora Quest series by Emily Rodda. His traits are Evil and Athletic. I gave him the evil trait because when he was conceived, ghost music played instead of the baby chime. And Michael died in the house when Viola was pregnant with him.
Hermione is named after Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, by J.K. Rowling. Her traits are Good and Genius. Yes I am hoping for some sibling rivalry!
If you’d like to guess what the third baby will be called, you can. There is a hint in the authors notes from one of my previous chapters.
I’m putting a warning/disclaimer thing on the about page, you know, for the adult content and swearing, etc. I really should have done this ages ago, but I forgot. I’ll also be fixing the contents page.
Also I’m going to see if I can change the blog URL, as they are now Flynn’s, not Sharpe’s. I’ll let you know anyway.

Extras and Outtakes!

Alannah has grown up. I'm not sure if she's a teen or a YA but she has a girlfriend who's living with her and Tony and Em.  I forgot to take a picture of the girlfriend, I'll see if I can get one next time.

Adjo Sample and Arvid Voss (Susan and Amhranai's sims) are dating. I couldn't get a picture but when you click on thier house in edit town mode they have their arms around each other in the picture. So they're a couple :)

Eating pet food at the bistro. Sean is not impressed.

Dain doesn't like the camera...

Oh, and the reason Dain's skin looked a bit weird in the early baby pics is because he was glitched :/
Until next time,
xx Courtney.


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  2. Yeah, this chapter is not actually very long but so much happens! At the beginning they are on the rocks and at the end they have two kids lol.

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  3. Thanks! Ah I know he is just gorgeous. He looks a lot like Viola when she was a toddler.

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    Oh, and - congratulations to Viola for fulfilling her lifetime wish! Do you already know who might be heir?

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  10. @Susan Yep I'm slowly adding CC back in :) Would you believe the very first lot of CC I put in caused a glitch that made Dain's skin go brown? Talk about bad luck. I found the offending item, EA boots that were in every category, e.g. toddler, sleepwear. Must have come from the exchange :/

    Ah poor Velvet! She was in the first pic of this chapter did you see her? That is cute that Viola and Israel are together though.

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    Did I tell you I had to recolour their hair after I reinstalled? I used your picture of Viola to do it cause it was easiest to see the colours with that hairstyle. So thanks :)

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