The Hand of Fate: A Sims 3 Share House Wishacy.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Gen. 2 Chap. 11: Holding Back

‘I can hear someone throwing up.’

‘Don’t worry, it’s just Emerson. He probably ate some bad food.’

‘Why would we have bad food?’
‘Oh, Sean and Tony do heaps of cooking but they never put the leftovers away. Hang on, I just said there is too much cooking going on in this house! What are you doing?’

‘Learning how to cook. It’s fun.’
‘Just try not to burn the house down, okay?’
‘I won’t. Man, this is actually kind of boring. These waffles are taking forever to cook.’

‘Was it worth it?’
‘No. And don’t say ‘I told you so.’

‘Wouldn’t dream of it. I see you have a little one now.’

‘Yeah she was crying so I went and got her.’
‘I think Sean is choking on his waffles at the sight of your pajama shorts.’

‘What the hell are you on about? And he knows what my pajama's look like, we sleep in the same bed.’
‘Can’t you two just get together already?’
‘Oh, shut up. I’ll get a boyfriend when I’m ready.’
‘Not if I help you first.’
‘What was that?’
‘Ooh look I found a rock!’

‘Nice. What else are you doing today?’
‘Well, I want to improve my logic skill.’
‘Awesome, why don’t you go to the park and find someone to play chess with then?’

‘Look Courtney, I found Tristan’s housemate, Arvid. He said he’d play chess with me.’

‘Did you guys have fun?’
‘Yep, we did but now I have to go to work. Oh, I forgot to ask, how is Sean going with the babysitting?’
‘He’s pretty funny. He sat her on the potty, I think he was trying to avoid changing a diaper. But then he was wrinkling his nose at the smell of the potty chair, yet he didn’t make any move to clean it out.’

‘Oh dear!
‘Who is this lady? There always seem to be people in my house.’

‘That is Tony’s mom, Amy. He invited her over to meet Alannah.’ 

‘And if you don’t like people in your house then why do you have housemates?’
‘I never said I didn’t like having lots of people in my house. And now that I’m home I think I want to go out again.’

‘With who?’
‘Tarik Ernst, the chess guy I beat. He said he’d meet me at the diner.’

‘Did you tell him you owned the diner?’
‘No! I’ve already beaten him at chess, I don’t need to brag. Anyway, I’m home now. Emerson just said he sat Alannah on the potty again, she seems to be getting the hang of it pretty quickly.’

‘Yes, she is a very smart toddler, she can already walk and talk and soon she will be potty trained.’
‘Awesome. Well I’m going to bed now. Night!’
‘I thought you were going to bed?’

‘Well Alannah woke me up, she was crying and now she is passed out on the floor. Tony and Em are good at teaching her skills, but they seem to forget to put her to bed. And Amy is just sitting here, she could have put her in her crib.’
‘Well, they are still learning. And I don’t know why Amy didn’t pick her up.’
‘I guess. Um, since when did Sean get ripped?’

‘He has been working out a lot lately. You might notice these things if you paid more attention to what’s going on around you.’
‘Huh. Well, I hope I can get some sleep now.’


‘Alannah didn’t wake up again?’
‘Nope she slept through. I’m gonna invite Dylan over today.’

‘You know, I think Velvet moving out has improved your relationship.’

‘Me too. And look, awww Sean is carrying Alannah around.’
‘I think he has something else on his mind.’

‘See, every time I start to think better of Sean he goes and does something stupid like that.  He does have nice arms now though.’

‘I’m just not gonna comment on that statement.’

‘What’d I miss while I was playing chess with Dylan?’
‘Well Tony and Em invited Emerson’s mom and sister over, since Veronica hadn’t met Alannah yet.’

‘Oh God I hope she doesn’t start another fight.’
‘Nope, she’s behaving herself.’
‘I think I’m gonna finish this painting now.’
‘Good idea.’

‘Finished! I hung it in the den, and I finally put that other one up I started at the old house. The one of the place I used to catch butterflies.’

‘They look nice. What are you doing now?! You’re a bit unpredictable lately Viola.’

‘It was dirty.’
‘I think that’s the first time you’ve ever cleaned a shower, or anything in the bathroom for that matter.’
‘I am a bit worried about Emerson, he looked stressed when I left this morning.’

‘I don’t think you need to worry. You should have seen what Tony and Em were doing before you came downstairs.’

‘Hanging out with Tarik again?’

‘Did you beat him at chess again?’

‘No, we didn’t get to finish our game because I had to go to work. But we had fun anyway.’
‘Guess what you missed when you were at work?’
‘Sean playing with Alannah, it was adorable. I think he felt bad about stealing candy from her yesterday.’

‘He also invited Velvet over again. And Tony was as cute as ever with Alannah.’

‘If you say so. I’m not going home, I’m hanging out with Tarik again.’

‘What’d you do?’
‘We went to the art gallery, it was really fun.’

‘I see you are telling Sean all about it.’

‘Yep. Although he does not seem very interested.’

‘That’s because he’s got that look on his face again.’
‘What look?’
‘The look he has always stared at you with. Even when you were teenagers.’
‘I think you are making things up!’
‘I am not!’
‘Whatever. I’m going to bed.’
‘How come you are in Sean’s old room?’

‘I had to sleep in here because Tony was napping on my bed.’

‘That seems like an odd thing for him to do.’
‘It is. Emerson doesn’t know why he wasn’t sleeping in his bed either.’

‘Tony seems a bit preoccupied, he has taken Alannah out to collect all the money from the businesses you own.’

‘What? He doesn’t need to do that for me, I’ll get around to doing it eventually.’
‘Well he has done it now.’
‘Anything interesting happen while I was at work?’
‘Lots happened, actually. Emerson got Sean to look after Alannah so he could talk to Tony, and everything is fine now.’

‘Oh good. What was up with Tony?’
‘I think he was just really exhausted and needed his own space for a bit.’
‘That’s understandable, he has a lot going on with work and Alannah and writing his new book.’
‘You just hit the nail on the head.’
‘Who’s this guy who just started chatting to me?’

‘That’s Dennis, Tony’s dad.’

‘Oh okay. I’m going to buy some real estate now that Tony collected all my money.’

‘What’d you buy?’
‘Stoney Falls. I re-named it Sharpe Falls.’
‘Haha I like what you did there.’
‘I thought it was pretty creative on my part. Anyway, I’m going to go play for tips in the park now.’

‘Have fun?’
‘Yep. But now I have gotten home and Alannah is playing outside and it is one in the morning.’

‘Her sleep schedule is a bit messed up. And I think Dennis was watching her but he fell asleep.’

‘Well I’m going to put her in her crib whether she wants to sleep of not. At least she is safe there.’

Author’s Notes:
As you can tell from this chapter, Sean and Viola are driving me insane! There were more bits that I cut from the chapter as well, such as Viola refusing to leave the bathroom so Sean could use the toilet, etc. I think you can guess what’s happening if I have to use her free day!

Also - I don’t have a male pregnancy mod, so no, Emerson is not pregnant! I just included it cos it did actually happen at that time, and it went with the cooking storyline :)
Until next time,
xx Courtney


  1. Did I mention this before? I really, really like your way of writing and communicating with Viola, it is just great.
    I have to admit that I thought about Emerson being pregnant when I saw him throwing up... and thought you just told Viola a lie there. But as that would just have been weird, it's good that you didn't get that mod.

    It is so incredibly frustrating that Viola just wouldn't roll any wishes concerning a flirt with Sean. So I guess I may have the slightest idea how that free day will turn out :D Looking forward to that!

  2. Thanks! I really like writing this way, though I will go back to the old style soon, probably next chapter. I need to get some kick ass dialogue in! I miss dialogue (characters talking to each other, not just me and Viola, haha.) It's gonna be a really tough chapter to write though so it may be awhile :)

  3. Well, good luck for that then ;)

  4. I can see why Viola and Sean are frustrating you! They're pretty cute together, though, so I'm looking forward to you giving them a push in the right direction.

    I love this style of writing... so fun and it definitely shows how quickly their whims change!

  5. Thanks! I'm thinking the next chapter will be part conversation style, part regular style. I'll have to fiddle with it so it's not confusing though :)

    And... I did not have to use the free day - yet. That's all I'm saying :)

  6. The conversation between you and your sim really does make a nice, meditative style. It also brings the Wishacy front and center -- you really feel Viola's whims. I'll enjoy dialogue when it happens, too!

    Can't wait to see the big surprise.

  7. Thanks Susan! I'm about to post another chapter, you won't have to wait long ;)

  8. mmm i think Tarik is CUTE :) is he a townie?? Sean is naughty pinching the babies candy!!! lol