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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Gen. 2 Chap. 5: Broken hearts and new beginnings.


I headed out of the theatre with a spring in my step - it had been a great concert. I stopped in my tracks though, at the horrible scene in front of me. Someone's time had come, and the Grim Reaper had come to take them away.

My heart lurched as I recognised the ghost. It was Jamie Jolina, an acquaintance of mine who I'd met on my very first day in Sunset Valley. Jamie couldn't have been that much older than me. It made me realise that I might not have that much time left, either.


One night after work, I started to pay attention to what was going on around me again. Since I’d found out my dad was cheating on my mom, I became more withdrawn and not as social as I used to be. I was really only comfortable with my guitar in hand. 

I’d stay out all night playing at the bistro or outside the theatre. 

My parents didn’t care if I was brought home by the police, because, surprise surprise, they were never home. 

So. Back to that night after work. I walked out of the spa and saw Sean standing out the front. 

He looked - well, not good. He was staring out into the distance and blinking back tears. I went over to him.

He met my eyes. I’d never seen him look so sad. ‘Hey stranger. I was hoping to catch you here.’
I didn’t know what to say to him. ‘Well - I’m here,’ I said with a shrug.
Sean just looked at me. ‘Oh Viola. You -’ He lowered his head and covered his face in his hands. With a start I realised he was crying. 

‘Sean! What’s wrong, tell me what’s wrong.’
Sean gave a humorless laugh. ‘I don’t think you’d understand.’
‘Try me, Sean. I’m not a little girl anymore.’
He sighed. ‘My girlfriend died.’

I blinked, trying to comprehend what he’d just said. ‘I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.’
‘Well you wouldn’t, would you, seeing as you haven’t talked to me in God knows how long.’  He didn’t sound angry, just sad and bitter.
‘I’m sorry Sean. I - I don’t know what else to say.’

I felt his fingers on my chin, lifting it up slightly so I was looking up at him. ‘It’s okay, Viola.’
We went back to his place.
‘That’s dad’s girlfriend, Cecilia Goth.’ Sean whispered in my ear as we entered the house. ‘She lives with us, but she and dad have been fighting for a few days now. I think they’re gonna break up.’

We went into the living room as Patrick and Cecilia went into the backyard.
‘Speaking of breakups,’ I said. ‘I think my mom and dad might break up.’
Sean looked surprised. ‘What?’
‘I caught my dad cheating on my mom.’

We didn’t really want to talk much more about our problems, and I didn’t really know what to do when Sean started to cry again, so I got out my guitar. Always a good idea.

Dad must have been home, strangely, because he called the cops on me. 

I was only next door, for God’s sake! We had a huge argument.

The next day was horrible. I slept in and missed most of the day of school, so I decided not to bother going. Besides, it was my last day of school anyway. I went out onto the deck to work on my current painting, and soon after mom joined me, to work out on the treadmill.

‘How come you’re not at school, Viola?’ she asked absent mindedly as she programmed her workout.
‘I only just woke up. I’ve missed all my morning classes, so I figured it wouldn’t be worth it to go. It’s the last day, all our exams are over.’
‘Oh, okay honey. I guess that’s alright. Did Velvet go?’
We went back to our activities then, but not for long, because Dad came outside after that, and all hell broke loose.
‘Can I have a word, Kate?’ he said mildly.
‘Sure,’ replied mom. I heard her pressing buttons on the treadmill, stopping it.
‘I’ve decided I want a divorce.’ 
My hand froze on the easel. 

Apparently, my presence had yet again gone unnoticed by my dad. Or maybe he just didn’t care.
‘W-what? Where’s this coming from?’ Mom sounded completely shocked. She hadn’t known about dad and Emma. A wave of shame coursed through me. I should have told her.
‘We’ve has a great marriage, Kate, but I think - I think I’m done. I never imagined I’d have a family, have kids, and it’s been wonderful - but I’m ready for something new.’
‘I once thought that too Hadley, I never imagined myself married - but then I - I fell in love with you.’
I turned around. 

My dad had the saddest expression on his face, like he was hopelessly lost and confused.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever been in love, Kate. If there’s something else out there, I want to find it.’


I went over to Sean’s after I finished work that night. 

I was pleased to see he had a smile on his face when he let me in, however I paused when I saw the scene in front of me.

‘Is my mom flirting with your dad?’ I asked in a low voice.
Sean nodded. ‘They’ve been at it a while.’

(Meanwhile, across the street, Hadley is asking Emma break up with Cycl0n3 and be his girlfriend. She agrees.)

(Back to Viola)

‘What about Cecilia?’ I asked, noticing she was here too.
‘Oh, they broke up after you left last night. She’s just staying here until she finds a new place to live. What about your dad?’

‘He broke up with her today.’
‘Ahhh. That sucks, Viola.’
‘Tell me about it.’
The atomsphere in the room was a tad awkward, to say the least, so I went into the back garden to get some air. 

I made myself a drink and sat at the bench, thinking. 

My family was falling apart, but it all seemed kind of irrelevant now. Velvet and I had finished school and we were turning eighteen tomorrow. We were moving out into our own place, that had had been planned way before all this drama started. It would be a fresh start, a new life. I was ready to leave my childhood behind.


Author's Notes:

I know I said they'd age up this chapter, but I thought it ended better here. They'll age up first thing next chapter, I swear! You've seen the pictures, anyway.

I was going to do a whole separate Hadley chapter, but I found it wasn't necessary, the Jamie scene and the breakup dialogue and the cutscene to the beach conveyed what I wanted to. I didn't want him to come across as a total ass, though he is, really. He just doesn't see it that way, and I hope I managed to convey that.

The breakup scene was planned, but I did it with wishes - e.g. Viola wanted to paint, Kate wanted to work out, so that's how I got Viola to witness the breakup so I didn't have to switch point of views. She got a massive negative moodlet from witnessing it... oops.

As I said in Sean's bio, Jamie Jolina was the girlfriend who died. I didn't have him tell Viola that because the whole situation was was just weird, and I figured he probably didn't want to go round telling people he'd been dating an old lady anyway. Sorry the writing is crap with the Sean bits, I'm finding him really difficult to write. Hopefully once I get him in the house, give him a makeover, and play him a bit I'll be right.

Finally, Viola is taking part in an insane asylum challenge by Julie, which I suggest you check out as I have a feeling it's going to be hilarious!

Until next time,

xx Courtney

EDIT: I have taken the housemate vote down because I'm pretty sure everyone has voted and I want to start playing!

Sean and Tony won with 4 votes each. Yes! I was hoping Sean would win for the sole purpose of giving him a makeover.

Tristan got 2 votes and Emerson and Topher got 1 vote each.

Oh! Also, Viola and Velvet are now on the exchange.

Viola has been downloaded 135 times?! And the CC free version has been downloaded 19 times? Maybe she was featured on the home page or something, I don't know. I'll put up Sean and Tony soon. Let me know if you want any of my other sims you see in the story uploaded.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Housemate Vote

It’s time for a little recap on our lovely twins before we choose their housemates, I think. Here they are as young adults with all their traits. They will age up in the next chapter.
Viola Sharpe (Heir)

Over Emotional
LTW: Master of the Arts
6 Guitar
3 Logic
5 Painting
Velvet Sharpe

Party Animal
Hot Headed
LTW: Hit Movie Composer
2 Cooking
2 Gardening
3 Guitar
3 Logic
5 Painting
3 Writing
And now for the housemate choices! They are all boys so we have two boys and two girls in the house.
Sean Flynn

Easily Impressed
LTW: Leader of the Free World
(He probably has skills but I forgot to check)
Sean has been best friends with Viola since she first became a teenager. They have gone their separate ways since Sean became a young adult and are now just friends. Sean was in a romantic relationship with Jamie Jolina but she died.
Topher Baker

Light Sleeper
LTW: Not chosen yet.
Skills: 2 fishing
Best friend: Blair Wainwright
Sees Viola at school and when she’s busking.
Tony Collingwood

Family Oriented
Computer Whiz
LTW: Illustrious Author
Skills: 1 Handiness
Sees Viola at school and when she’s busking.
Engaged to Emerson Swift (Tristan’s twin brother)
Tristan Swift

LTW: Not chosen yet.
1 Painting
1 Cooking
He has good relationships with his sister, father, and brother Emerson, but he dislikes his mother. Tristan and Viola met at the art gallery on her first day of elementary school. They’ve never been close friends, but have kept in touch over the years. Tristan is friends with Kate.
Emerson Swift

Heavy Sleeper
LTW: Not chosen yet.
3 Athletic
1 Charisma
1 Fishing
Engaged to Tony Collingwood.
He’s Tristan’s identical twin brother, but Viola hasn’t seen him since they were kids.
I could have easily gone completely overboard with this vote, so I just kept it to Viola’s male acquaintances her age plus Emerson. I copied the town so I could find out all their traits etc., and boy, it’s interesting what you discover! If you guys vote for one of the engaged boys, and they end up moving out fairly quickly cos they get married or whatever, I’ll move another housemate in, don’t worry. I think it’d be a cute wedding, just saying :)
So just vote in the little poll up the top right corner, make sure you choose two housemates. Let me know if it doesn’t work or whatever :)

These are all my sims except Topher, who came with the game.
I got the girls new hair here: (look in the 'hot stuff' section)
Until next time,
xx Courtney

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Gen. 2 Chap. 4: No good deed goes unpunished.

I overslept the next morning and had to drive myself to school.

When I got home, I was so exhausted that I collapsed on my bed and fell straight to sleep.

I was awoken by the sound of Velvet’s voice.
‘Viola, wake up.’
I blinked and looked up at her groggily. ‘What?’

‘The Symphony’s on tonight! Remember, we’ve been wanting to go for ages? Come on.’
I was glad Velvet had woken me. The Symphony was fantastic! We’d learnt our lesson from the night before though, and headed straight home after. 

Velvet told me on the way home in the car that she wanted to be a hit movie composer someday.

I hung out with dad on Saturday, and got him to help me with my homework. 

I didn’t really need help - Velvet and I had done a test at school recently and discovered we were both geniuses! No, I got him to help me with my homework because I wanted to spend time with him. 

He was normally out doing a show when I got home from work on weekdays, and I felt like I hardly got to see him anymore.
I took my guitar to work that afternoon and tried my luck playing for tips after my shift - it went pretty well! 

I was starting to get used to this public exposure thing.

I started to spend less time at home. 

The tension between me and mom was unbearable. Sean was worried about me.
‘Tell me why we’re doing our homework out the front of the day spa and not at home?’

‘Because I don’t want to go home.’ I mumbled.
‘You have to go home at some point.’
‘No, I don’t.’ I insisted. ‘I only have to go home in time for curfew, and that’s when I go to sleep. I don’t see any point in being there outside of that time.’
Sean dropped it, but I had a sense he wasn’t done.
I had just stepped out of work the next day when Sean called me.
‘I’m sitting in your living room getting pretty bored playing Halo. You should come entertain me.’
‘Come meet me at the diner,’ I said.
‘No way. You’re coming here. C’mon, Viola, this is ridiculous.’
I sighed. ‘Fine. But only because you’re there.’
When I got home, they were all sitting at the table like one big happy family. I couldn’t bring  myself to join them.

‘Viola, we need to talk.’
I sighed. ‘I know, Sean.’

‘I hate seeing you like this. I don’t understand how you’re willing to throw away your relationship with your mom over one thing. I never knew my mother - you don't know how lucky you are, Viola.’

I bit my lip. ‘I know Sean, I know. I don’t want to fight with her. But - she’s doing the wrong thing! This isn’t what she should be doing with her life!’
‘But it’s her life,’ he said quietly. ‘Maybe it’s the right thing for her.’

Mom and I talked for a long time the following night. I told her I missed her and I wanted to get back what we had. I explained that if she was happy, I was willing to overlook her job, as long as it was what she really wanted to do. 

I’d done a lot of thinking since my conversation with Sean, and I’d realised that mom and I were going to have to put our differences aside if we were ever going to make this work. It was the only way.

Dear Diary,
Obviously, when everything is finally going well, something has to go wrong again. Can I not have a boring life for two seconds? I can’t even - no, I can’t even write it.

I was reveling so much in having a peaceful home again that it took me a while to notice that dad was almost never home. 

At first I wasn’t too perturbed, seeing as he normally performed concerts every night. We were probably just missing each other, our times at home not matching up. But one Saturday, I found out the truth.
My day started out great. I had a nice sleep in, then played my guitar for a bit until I had to get ready for work.

I don’t think dad heard us coming down the stairs to meet the carpool. 

All I know is that he was there, kissing another woman. And I saw him.

Author's Notes:

The chapter title is from the musical Wicked. Actually, the quote may have originated somewhere else first, but I can't be bothered to research it properly. I'm pretty sure it's in Wicked though. At least I didn't go to iTunes this time, haha.

I did promise drama, did I not? Hadley and Emma (Hatch) have been dating for a while, but this is just the first time Viola saw it. He wishes for romantic interactions with Kate and Emma pretty evenly, and Kate has no idea. Next chapter though, he’s gonna choose one. I think (I haven't played that far ahead cos I need to do the housemate vote first). Oh, and Emma is also in a relationship with Cycl0n3. Yeah. I find it so amusing Hadley finally gets all these romantic wishes when he had hardly any as a young adult (a lot of the romance in Gen 1 was initiated by the girls).
Next post will be the housemate vote. I’m automatically adding Velvet to the house, so you just have to vote for the two guys.
Oh! And did you notice I finally worked out how to add tabs and blog links and stuff to the blog? Took me long enough, haha.

Also, did you know it's really hard to upload a blog when the hotel internet keeps cutting out? Well, it is, haha! I'm in Bundaberg for my cousin's wedding. You know, where they make Bundaberg Rum? Maybe you guys don't have Bundaberg Rum where you live. You're missing out :)
Until next time,
xx Courtney.