The Hand of Fate: A Sims 3 Share House Wishacy.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Chapter Six: Toy Boy

So, in a wishacy, once your founder/heir has accumulated 50,000 life time reward points, you get a free day, 24 sim hours where you can have them do things without wishing for it. I waited until I had about 60,000, because although I'm playing normal life span, I tweaked the sliders a bit to add a few extra days onto each life stage.

Before we start, here's Hadley with his new adult look that I forgot to put in the last chapter. Like?

This chapter will be written in a conversation style between me and Hadley. If you don't like it, don't worry, the next chapter will be back to normal.

Chapter Six: Toy Boy

‘Hadley! Wake up, you have to get dressed before Kate gets here.’
‘Huh? Oh, you again.’
‘Right, Courtney, why are you talking to me again?’
‘Because I have one day to help you steer your life in the right direction. I know you haven’t really thought about kids, but today I’m going to help you have children, to carry on your legacy.’
‘Uh, okay. This better not interfere with my career.’
‘Well, it will, but you’re very close to achieving you lifetime wish, so I’m not worried about that.’
‘I’m up now.’
‘I can see that.’
‘What!? You can see me?’
‘It’s best if you don’t ask too many questions. Hey, I think you should call Kate. She’s not here yet. Maybe now that Karen’s moved out she’s not the maid anymore.’
‘That’d suck.’
‘Ask her out on a date to Maywood Glen.’

‘She said she’d love to.’
‘Excellent, now put on one of your nice leather jackets you never wear.’
‘Because you’re going to go propose to her.’
‘What? Hang on, you were talking about having kids. You said nothing about getting married.’
‘True. But I’d like to marry you today. Then we’ll get to the kids part.’
‘Okay, I’m here. Do I just propose straight away?’
‘No, get her in a good mood first. Lots of romantic stuff.’
‘I can do that.’
‘I know you can.’

‘Okay, propose now?’
‘Yep, go for it.’
‘Wait! I can’t do this. Kaelie’s standing right there.’
‘She’s been there the whole time. Are you telling me you just saw her now?’
‘Just do it. You and Kaelie are over.’
‘But I still care about her. I don’t want to hurt her feelings.’
‘That’s sweet, but we’re on the clock here. You don’t have time to go anywhere else.’

‘She said yes!’
‘Of course she did. And look, Kaelie’s smiling. She’s happy for you.’
‘Thank God.’

‘Now, take your fiance to lunch at the Bistro.’
‘Because you’re hungry, and I want you guys in your formal clothes for the wedding.’
‘We’re finished lunch. Where to now?’
‘Take her to the beach. Not the public one, the secluded one.’

‘Got it. We’re not having a big wedding party?’
‘No time, sorry.’
‘That’s okay. I don’t really want a wedding party anyway. But I do kind of want to marry Kate, now we’re engaged.’
‘It’s about time. Now, once you’ve finished climbing down all those rocks and things, you can go ahead and exchange rings.’

‘Did I do okay?’
‘Beautiful. Now quick, get home and get on with the baby making.’

‘Courtney? You still there?’
‘Yeah, I’m just checking out Kate’s traits. She’s brave, charismatic, kleptomaniac, and neat. The fifth trait must be the hidden maid trait. Did you know her favourite colour is red?
‘I did, actually.’
‘Holy crap!’
‘What is it? Don’t distract me, the art of foreplay is a precise one.’
‘Kate’s elder birthday is tomorrow!’
‘Yeah, so?’
‘So, she can’t get pregnant if she’s an elder! Damn, I’m gonna have to adopt you a kid.’
‘Well, I’m going to go ahead and try for a baby anyway.’

‘You do that. I’m going to google it.’
‘You what now?’
‘I’m back, she can still get pregnant now. Oh yes! There goes the chime!’
‘I didn’t hear anything.’
‘Now try for a baby again.’

‘I heard the chime, but I’m paranoid. This is her last chance to get pregnant, do it again to make sure.’
‘Finished. Wow, I’m tired. You still here Courtney?’
‘Yes. I’m just debating whether to adopt you a kid before I hand the reins back to you. No, it’s alright, I heard the chime. She’s pregnant. Okay, good luck Hadley!’

‘Thanks. I’m going to sleep now.’


So that made for intriguing gameplay, if nothing else! It's lucky I didn't wait any longer for the free day. Talk about leaving things till the last minute! I hope this chapter is not confusing or anything, sometimes when I write stuff it makes perfect sense to me but not anyone else. So just ask if you're confused or whatever :)

Here's Kate with a makeover. Couldn't wait to get rid of that awful ponytail! She's quite pretty, actually. Lovely blue eyes. Oh, and you can't really see it with this hairstyle but she has these strange yellow roots. I changed them later to the same brown as the rest of her hair. I don't normally mess with hair colours but I made an executive decision with this one :)

Until next time,

xx Courtney.


  1. WHEW! I was afraid from your hints that Kate had aged up and sunk the legacy. In the nick of time!

  2. I know right? I really don't know what I would've done if I'd taken Hadley to meet her and she was an elder. I probably would have kept Hadley and Kate together, but have Hadley try for baby with Kaelie, since she was still technically a romantic interest until she saw him propose to Kate. Then I would've switched to Kaelie's household once Hadley completed his LTW. Interesting, but I like how it actually turned out better :)

  3. Wow,that day really was full of action. I love that they are married now -can't wait for the baby!
    When you wrote that she might not be able to have kids in the last chapter, I was a little confused - hadn't heard about infertility on the Sims before ;) But sure,the age...hadn't thought about that.I'm glad it still worked! You sure have great timing.

    Oh,and I loved the way of writing!

  4. I just finished reading your chapters... what a great story you have going here!

    The surprise of Kate's age must have thrown you for a loop. I can't wait to see the new little heir.

  5. Thanks for reading! I'm really impressed with how the story is panning out. All I did was obviously add the housemates at the beginning, and act on their wishes when they didn't interfere with Hadley's. I love the excitement of playing a wishacy - you never know what's going to happen next :)

  6. I have just sat hysterically laughing couldn't read it for tears!! I could feel your desperation through the convo between you and Hadley googling it was CLASSIC and "‘I heard the chime, but I’m paranoid. This is her last chance to get pregnant, do it again to make sure.’ I am still laughing now!!! wicked chapter - you do the two way conversation really well!!!! keep it up!!

  7. Julie - you have just made me laugh hysterically! I am loving reading your comments :)

    There are no more convo's between me and Hadley I think, but I do a LOT of convos with Viola in Gen 2 :)

  8. Hi, the Rayne Legacy brought me here. I'm enjoying the story so far! Hadley and Kate make an adorable couple, and the proposal was beautiful. I'm off to read more.