The Hand of Fate: A Sims 3 Share House Wishacy.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Gen. 2 Chap. 1: The most embarrassing mom ever!

Entry #1
Dear Diary,
I guess I should tell you a bit about myself first. I’m Viola Sharpe, and I like art and music. My favourite colour is violet - because it sounds like my name, of course!

My dad’s the lead singer and guitarist of Tainted Soul, and my mom’s a retired maid. Oh, and I have a twin sister, Velvet. She likes music like me, and she’s also very friendly. Okay, boring introduction officially over!
Today was my first day of Elementary school. I raced out the door, I was so excited!

I sat next to Velvet on the bus. I was glad to have her with me - how scary would it be to go by myself!

School was really good, actually. I met some other kids who lived nearby, and I think the teacher likes me too. She trusted me with a special job, to deliver some permission slips to City Hall after school.

I was a little bit awestruck by City Hall. I didn’t know they made pillars that big!

After I delivered the permission slips, I decided to go check out the local art gallery.

Looking at all the amazing artwork, I had a realisation. When I grew up, I wanted to be a master of the arts. I would be the best painter and guitarist Sunset Valley had ever seen!
I did my homework at the gallery, and a nice lady called Karen came over to help me when she realised I was struggling with my spelling words. She said she used to live in a share house with my dad when they were younger. It was totally weird to imagine my dad as a young adult!

After I’d finished my homework and said goodbye to Karen, I spotted a boy hanging around outside the art gallery that I’d seen at school that day, so I went and introduced myself. 

I learned that his name was Tristan Swift, and his family had only just recently moved to Sunset Valley. I assured him it was a great place to live, and the conversation flowed easily from there. We talked for so long that we lost track of time! I said I’d catch him at school tomorrow as I hopped on my bike and headed home.

Dad didn’t realise I was home so late. Phew!

Entry #2
Dear Diary,
I did my homework with Velvet today, then called Tristan while she got a snack.

Afterwards, I was having a good giggle with Velvet when she comes out and tells me she got an after school detention yesterday.

An after school detention? On her first day of school?! I couldn’t believe her. I yelled at her, and she ran upstairs. 

I ate a piece of birthday cake.

Maybe I shouldn’t have yelled at Velvet.

My dad had some exciting news when he got home. He was officially a rock star now! That cheered me up a bit. A real rock star dad. 

Entry #3
Dear Diary,
On Saturday evening, Velvet and I went to the school to catch an art class. It was weird being at school at night, and on a weekend!

When we got home, mom was out the front talking to some shirtless guy I’d never seen before.

She said his name was Matt, and he was one of my dad’s old housemates. I shrugged and went upstairs to start work on a painting. The class had really inspired me!

I hadn’t been painting for very long when Matt came out onto the deck, turned on the stereo, and started to dance!

What was even more surprising was when mom joined him! 

It was definitely time for bed.

Entry #4
Dear Diary,
On Sunday, mom threw a party for me and Velvet, inviting a few kids from around the neighbourhood. I wanted to talk to Tristan, but Velvet was already talking to him! I did meet Connor Eldertree while I was waiting though.

Finally, I got to talk to Tristan!

I also met his brother, Emerson. Who would’ve known Tristan was a twin too?

Sarah Wolff was nice. She told me she was a bit nervous about the crowd of people.

I wanted to talk to Tristan again, but Velvet was watching TV with him and I couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

Then he said he had to go. Sadface. He was the last to leave, though.

I talked to Emerson on Facebook, then talked to Tristan when he got online. 

All up it was a pretty good day. I wouldn’t mind it if mom had another of these parties. It almost makes up for her dancing! Almost.
Author's Notes:

Viola doesn't know it, but she's baby daddy shopping, haha. Start 'em early! I've been plopping potential husbands into town since the girls were toddlers, since not many babies were born with story progression, as expected.

At about 4am, Matt said he was going home, but during the party I found this:

I don't know why he didn't just go home! Or better still, use the toilet inside! Although I did delete the deckchair, so partly my fault he had nowhere to sleep.

Then Kate went and talked to him while he was all stinky...


Moving on, the writing style is supposed to be jumpy and overloaded with exclamation marks - that's how I used to write letters and stuff when I was about eight, so I was trying to make it sound authentic. Just ignore her extensive vocabulary and her ability to write after only one day of school lol.

Next chapter, Velvet and Viola age up!

Until next time,

xx Courtney.


  1. Yay, the second Generation has started! That way of writing is really great - fits for a school kid like Violet. (By the way - how did you choose between the two girls?) And her ability to write...well, in the first grade the kids learn to write words the way they hear it (just been through that) - maybe she just could spell all of those words reaaally good. a dictionary for synonyms online as well. Or something like that :D
    So far I really like Violet. And that already is making friends! (You were right, Sarah Wolff isn't quite the beauty...)
    Totally looking forward to the next chapter and the girls becoming teens!!

  2. I chose Viola for heir for three reasons...

    1) I love her hair.
    2) She rolled a life time wish that I liked (Master of the Arts)
    3) She was more interesting than Velvet during the couple of days before I could officially switch heirs. You'll notice this chapter starts before Hadley completes his LTW, the chapters cross over a little. Where she is eating the birthday cake after her fight with Velvet is the moment she becomes heir :)

    Thanks for reading :D

  3. That's a nice moment to become an heir (for some reasons I just wanted to write "air".....) ;) Well, those are good reasons. Her hair is really pretty though. And that LTW is also quite nice. Hopefully we will still see some more of Velvet (I just LOVE that name), but as they are only aging up to teenagers in the next chapter,that shouldn't be a problem...

  4. I love the diary style! It's very "8-year-old girl", too. (I might have to steal that idea at some point.)

    I also liked the sister fight. Sims make the best expressions when they're mad. I'm looking forward to moody teen twins!

    That's funny about Matt passing out on the porch. What a strange friend.

  5. Feel free to use the diary style! It's very good for doccumenting a wishacy.

    The fight was unintentional, actually. I was trying to make the most of the time before Viola officially became heir. Velvet had the wish to 'make a friend' and I was trying to build up her relationship with Viola. I noticed the option 'confess' on Velvet's friendly menu, and thought it might be similar to 'tell secret' which I had seen before. Unfortunately, Viola went completely off at her. I decided it wasn't meant to be and they'd either become friends on thier own or they wouldn't! So I switched to Viola as soon as Hadley completed his lifetime wish :)

  6. Viola is pretty with her light blond hair and it was a close call with getting an heir.

  7. A very close call indeed! Thanks for reading :)