The Hand of Fate: A Sims 3 Share House Wishacy.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Chapter Eight: Why am I on the floor?

Initially, parenting was not fun for either of us. The stinky diapers were awful for one thing, not to mention the constant tiredness.

But I had to admit there was moments of joy too.

Fairly soon it was time for Kate’s elder birthday. 

Happy birthday Kate!

She’s still beautiful.

The daily grind continued. The girls cried all the time. Kate was so tired she passed out constantly, and I got food poisoning from eating leftovers I’d probably grabbed from the back of the fridge when I was dead on my feet. 

You could tell we were losing out grip, two neat freaks in the house and we hadn’t even cleaned out the fridge.
At least we got to talk in the bathroom.

I hadn’t had the time to do any cooking, so Kate tried to make a fresh batch of mac n cheese so we didn’t have to eat canned soup. Unfortunately, she was unsure how to use the stove in this house and ended up setting fire to the kitchen!

By the time I raced in though, she’d already extinguished most of it. My beautiful, brave wife.

The twins birthday arrived, and I was hoping they’d be easier to look after now that they were getting older.

Velvet aged up first. Happy Birthday Velvet!

Awww, she looks just like Kate, with my skin tone.
Next was Viola’s turn. Happy Birthday Viola!

Wow! She looks like Velvet, except for the hair. It looks like the colour of the lighter highlights in my hair. Kate’s pale skin looks lovely with her hair.
Things didn’t get easier straight away. The girls still cried all the time.

I joined Kate in her hobby of passing out.

Eventually, things became a bit more manageable. We didn’t really have a routine, and the girls were on different sleeping schedules, but at least we weren’t passing out anymore. 

Kate and I got re-aquainted.

The best part was, Kate was sleeping in the bed with me again! 

I’d staged an intervention and sold the deckchair and the couch, her best friends. It was necessary. 
We started to teach the girls their skills. Viola learned to walk first.

Velvet was slower to learn to walk, but she learned to talk first. 

Her first word was ‘stethoscope’. Could we have a little doctor on our hands?
We potty trained them both at the same time. 

What a relief it was not to change diapers anymore!
Viola’s first word was ‘tired’. I think that’s because we were both a little sleepy when I was teaching her!

Velvet finally learned to walk, just in time for her birthday. 

Even though the twins had given us a lot of grief, I’d still had many good moments with them. It was a little sad they were growing up so fast.

We held a birthday party, but our guests seemed more interested in dancing then cheering for the girls when they blew out the candles. 
First, it was Viola’s turn. 

Happy Birthday Viola!

She grew up to be so beautiful. That icy blonde hair is mesmerizing.
Then Velvet. 

Happy Birthday Velvet!

Oh wow. I may be biased, but Kate and I sure make beautiful children.
I’d been offered the chance to teach a logic class at the local school. I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised, all those years of studying music theory had given me a bit of a logical mind. The teenagers were very excited to have the frontman of Tainted Soul - yes, I was singing now too - teach their class. After I’d signed a few autographs (really? autographs?) I headed to the staff room for lunch.
‘Excuse me, are you Hadley Sharpe?’ asked a woman sitting at the table I’d chosen.
I looked up hesitantly. Surely not another autograph? ‘Yes.’ I replied.
‘Are the twins yours? Velvet and Viola?’
My expression softened. ‘Oh! Yes, they’re my girls.’
‘Then you’re the one I want to talk to.’ The woman had a hard, unfriendly expression on her face. ‘I caught Velvet sleeping in my class today.’
I nearly choked on my leftover spaghetti. ‘What? Are you sure it was her?’
The woman’s expression remained unchanged. ‘I’m sure. And let me tell you, I don’t take slacking off lightly in my class. I’ve given her an after school detention.’
I just stared at the woman as she got up from the table. I’d thought parenting was going to be smooth sailing from here on in. Looks like I was wrong.
After I’d finished performing with Tainted Soul that night, my manager, Pauline Wan pulled me aside.
‘Is this about how I painted the floor of your gym with pink and white stripes?’ I said immediately, grinning at her. ‘Because I can repaint it, if you ever want to move back in.’
She laughed. ‘You can do whatever you want to that house, it’s yours now. No, I wanted to talk to you about how huge you’ve made Tainted Soul. Your songs, your guitar solos, your voice - a lot of people are talking about you, Hadley, and in a good way. So basically - I’m handing it over to you. You decide when you perform now, not me. Congratulations, you’ve officially made it. You’re a rock star.'
I couldn’t believe it. My lifetime wish had been fulfilled. A rock star. This was a moment I’d never forget.


Author's Notes:

I'm not sure if it's the wishacy rules (ie. tending to babies negative moodlets only) or the fact that they didn't read any pregnancy books, but Hadley and Kate had awful trouble with the twins. I wasn't exaggerating! I was kicking myself for moving Matt out. Even a criminal can help change diapers! A lot of the time they just stood there in front of the cribs, like the babysitters do, even if I'd directed them to give bottle, etc. They did what I'd directed them to eventually, they just took a while going about it.

Kate would nap on the freaking couch or deckchair every time I clicked her tired moodlet. Because she then got the 'good nap' moodlet, she then didn't get the tired moodlet again, even when her sleep need was red. It would suddenly go to 'exhausted' when the 'good nap' moodlet timed out. That's why she passed out all the time. I eventually got rid of the deckchair and couch, and she stopped. Less options for her to choose from, I guess.

When the girls aged up to children, there was a glitch or something and the traits I'd chosen for them didn't register. Bit annoying, since I'd gotten them trained in all their skills and everything. So they each only have two traits. I'll add another when they've got enough LTR points.

Viola: Virtuoso, Artistic
Velvet: Virtuoso, Friendly

They were both born with Virtuoso, and I chose the others.

There won't be an heir vote, I'm sorry, I've got a favourite and I've already started. Next chapter will be the first of Gen 2. It's a good thing I didn't wait to switch heirs - after Hadley completed his LTW he became the most boring person in the house!

Until next time,

xx Courtney.


  1. I love this chapter! It's kind of fun to read about a baby experience that was an ordeal. Sim baby experiences are usually idyllic. There were certainly times when things felt that rough with my daughter. It makes the whole story feel a little bit more real :).

  2. Well I'm not a mum, but I've had enough experience nannying and babysitting to know where you're coming from. I've had many long days and nights spent with kids who won't sleep, keep crying for mum, etc! Glad you liked the chapter :)

  3. Wow, both girls grew up so incredibly cute! I am really excited to see how you have chosen and who is going to be the heir. (And I loved your descriptions - "I joined Kate in her hobby of passing out" :D )

  4. I know right! The girls are gorgeous. Not identical though, but that's okay. Easy to tell apart :)

    Glad you like the writing! Writing comedically is not my strong point, but I do try.

    Oh! On the topic of writing, I finally wrote another Tainted Soul song today. It'll appear in about... 3 chapters time? I suck at songwriting, that's why there hasn't been more songs.

  5. Are you kidding? Not your strong point? I totally LOVE your writing, it is hilarious!

    And yay, I am looking forward to that song :) If you suck as much at songwriting as not being good at writing comedically, we will be in for an awesome song!

  6. Cute kids! I can't wait to see who the heir is!

    I'm glad to hear that my sims aren't the only ones who refuse to actually sleep when they're tired. (Though I've never had to actually get rid of furniture to make them stop, eventually they do go sleep instead of nap!)

  7. Well, Kate had not actually slept in a bed since her wedding night, I do believe! So I had to try something :) That's awesome you liked it!

  8. you did have a hard time with the twins didnt you!!! Hopefully thier childhood will be easier on thier poor parents lol