The Hand of Fate: A Sims 3 Share House Wishacy.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Chapter Seven: 1 Sun Song Avenue

‘Good morning beautiful.’ I said as Kate came into the kitchen and peered into the fridge. I was making waffles.
‘Hey, Hadley.’ she replied, a little listlessly.
I paused in the act of mixing up the waffle batter and turned to look at her. ‘What’s up?’
‘Oh, I was just sick earlier this morning. 

I’m feeling a little better now, so I hope I can keep this down.’ She shut the fridge, holding a plate of leftovers.

‘That’s no good,’ I said, turning back to add some flour to the food processor. ‘I’ll have waffles ready soon if you want some.’
‘That’s alright,’ I heard the stool scrape on the floor as she sat down at the bench. ‘I’m just gonna eat this then take a nap. But thanks.’
After I finished cooking, I spent the rest of the day working on some new songs  while Kate rested. When I needed a break, I went and asked Matt if he’d help me with some weight training. 

He agreed readily, but about ten minutes into our session I was regretting it. My muscles were burning, and Matt was the trainer from hell. Once I got a bit of a rhythm, though, I got around to asking him something I’d been thinking about for a while.

‘I’m going to buy one of those houses down at the beach.’
Matt raised an eyebrow. ‘And?’
‘And I was wondering if you’d like to move there with me and Kate.’
Matt tapped his finger on his chin while I struggled with the weights. ‘I was actually thinking about getting my own place.’
‘Oh! Well I just thought I’d offer, since, you know, we already live together and everything. But it’s up to you.’
‘Well, I like living with you. And I like Kate. I’ll think about it.’
‘Cool. Now, is there any chance you could go a little easier on me?’
He smirked. ‘Not a chance.’
The reason for Kate’s sickness soon became evident - she was pregnant! 

She was delighted, as she’d thought she was too old to have children. I wasn’t too sure about the whole thing, but I helped her in any way I could, like rubbing her back when it ached.

One night, Matt came up to me in the kitchen looking slightly sheepish.

‘What is it?’ I asked him. ‘You didn’t get thrown in jail again, did you?’
He laughed. ‘Of course not. I wanted to tell you - I bought a house. I’m really grateful you asked me to move with you guys, but I just don’t think babies are my thing.’
I grinned at him. ‘To tell you the truth, I don’t know if babies are my ‘thing’ either. I really don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into.’
‘Oh, you’ll be fine, I’m sure.’
‘Thanks, Matt.’
So, Matt moved into his new place, 180 Wright Way, and Kate and I moved into our new place, 1 Sun Song Avenue. 

It didn’t take us long to settle in. 

I don’t know whether it was the house, or Kate’s growing belly, but I had a bit of a revelation. I really wanted this baby. I could just picture it - me, Kate, and our little girl, making this house our home.
‘I really want a girl,’ I said to Kate as we broke apart.

‘So do I,’ she said with a smile. ‘I’ve heard that eating watermelon increases the chances of having a girl, so I’ve been eating a lot of it.’
‘You’re one step ahead of me then.’ I said as I bent down to talk to her tummy.

‘What should we call her, do you think?’
I looked up from my cooing. ‘Something musical.’
‘What, like Symphony, Harmony, Melody, that kind of thing?’
I straightened up. ‘Too predictable. What about Viola?’
Kate grinned. ‘Tasteful, musical, and even Shakespearean - I like it.’
I was heading out one afternoon just as Kate was getting back from the day spa.

‘I’m heading over to the Landgrabbs, do you want to come?’
She shook her head and smiled at me. ‘I think I need a quiet night in. You go though, have fun.’
‘Okay then. I won’t be too late, but don’t wait up if you’re tired.’
I had a great evening with Geoffrey and Nancy. They were very interested in Tainted Soul’s new direction (thanks to my songwriting) and even gave me some parenting tips. I smiled as I told them about my beautiful wife.

I was playing computer games when the labour pains started. I gasped, and closed the laptop as I stood up unsteadily.

What should I do? Should I call Hadley? Drive to the hospital? I pulled my phone out of my pocket, then cried out as another contraction started. 

I suddenly realised that there wasn’t enough time to do anything. This baby was coming now.

I was climbing up the front steps when I got the shock of my life - Kate was standing on the front porch, in labour! And that wasn’t all - lying on the ground in front of her, swaddled in a pink blanket, was a tiny baby.

‘It’s - twins.’ said Kate in between pants, answering my unasked question. And if I was shocked before, I was doubly shocked now, as Kate gave birth right there on the porch.

‘What - what should we call the second one? I asked shakily as I picked up the first baby off the floor.

Kate looked so happy, despite obviously being exhausted. ‘Well, they’re both girls, like we hoped. So Viola and -’ she paused, looking out to the dark ocean. ‘I’ve always liked the name Velvet. And they sound nice together. Velvet and Viola.’
‘Velvet and Viola.’ I repeated, staring at the little one in my arms. ‘So who’ve I got?’
Kate smiled patiently at me. ‘You’ve got Viola, and I’ve got Velvet.’
We put the girls to bed then, then fell asleep ourselves. If only I knew how little sleep I’d get in the near future.


Author's Notes:

So, the next generation is here! I'm sorry I had to move Matt out, there wouldn't have been enough room for him in the new house once the girls were born. You will see him again though, don't worry. Do you like the twins names?

Until next time,

xx Courtney


  1. Squee! I play the viola!

    Twins are convenient, since Kate's going to age up. Bravo. Sorry Matt had to move out. I do hope we'll be seeing him soon. I like the roommates.

  2. Cool! I used to play the cello :)

    I did give Hadley the fertility treatment life time reward before they tried for a baby, so I was hoping for twins. The roommates continue to make appearances!

  3. Well, bravo for fertility treatment. I used it with Layla, and she still had one kid the first time (Zahra). It wasn't until her second pregnancy (Adjo and Shanni) where she actually had twins.

    It's nice when someone remembers the viola. Then again, of the orchestral string instruments, it makes the prettiest name :). Plus, you know, Shakespeare

  4. Susan, I totally want to make a sim called Double Bass now. With Violin and Cello for relatives.

  5. Oh,wow - twins! So first you had a really great timing and in addition you had lots of luck - not bad ;)

    I totally love the names you picked for them. (Although it's sad to see Matt move out... :( )

  6. I'm glad you like the names! Matt is in, um, chapter 1 or 2 of the next generation, depends where I cut it. He was actually at the girls birthday party but he just sat in the master bedroom the whole time, reading. Shirtless, of course. (Insane trait lol).

  7. Yay :D Looking forward to that ;)

  8. I used to play the violin... we're 3/4 of the way to a quartet here!

    Great chapter. I haven't done twins yet... they kind of scare me!

  9. way for the twins lol - but i guessed they were coming as i have been playing with one of them for a while lol great chapter!!