The Hand of Fate: A Sims 3 Share House Wishacy.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Gen. 2 Chap. 2: Butterflies and Birthdays

Entry #5
Dear Diary,
It was back to school today, being a Monday. I didn’t mind much though. The view always gave me a bit of a boost when I walked out the door.

Velvet and I invited the Flunke siblings to come home with us after school.

I did my homework with Spencer. I don’t know what he has against tables though.

Then I went down to the beach and found this really cool rock. 

I ran back across the street so I could catch Spencer and Irene before they left.

Spencer was really fun to talk to!

Entry #6
Dear Diary,
I invited Matty Hardwood to come home from school with me today, but Velvet sat next to him on the bus! I couldn’t believe her.

Luckily, Velvet lost interest when we got home and Matty and I did out homework together. It was good to chat with mom, too.

Entry #7
Dear Diary,
I got up early today and read a book before heading downstairs for some breakfast. 

To my surprise, dad was up! Normally he and mom were still asleep when me and Velvet left for school. It was nice to see him.

After school, I did my homework with Velvet. I’d gotten on the Honor Roll at school, and I wanted to stay on it for three days.

Then I played a game of chess with mom. It was nice to spend some time with her.

Entry #8
Dear Diary,
My routine had gotten boring and repetitive. Getting ready for school, going to school, blah blah blah.

So I decided to shake it up a bit. After school today I headed over to the local pool, instead of taking the bus home with Velvet. A nice man called Marty Keaton helped me with my homework.

After I was done I decided to go over to the Flunke house. I hung out with Spencer for ages! He wanted to know all about my rock star dad. I guess he was a Tainted Soul fan!

Entry #9
Dear Diary,
After school today Velvet and I played catch on the beach. It was really fun!

Then I decided to see if I could catch a butterfly. They were quite elusive, but I got one!

We did our homework. We had all weekend to do it, but I guess it was best to get it out of the way.

After we played catch again, it was time for dad’s elder birthday! He hadn’t wanted a big party, but we insisted on celebrating with him.

Old age suits him, I think.

Entry #10
Dear Diary,
Today was me and Velvet’s birthday party. I headed down to the beach early to catch another butterfly.

We invited the Swift brothers, the Hardwood brothers, Spencer Flunke, a few friends of mom's and dad's, and our next door neighbour Sean Flynn.

After I was done socialising, it was time for me to blow out the candles.

Next it was Velvet’s turn.

Happy Birthday Velvet!

So now, Velvet and I are teenagers. Our birthday present was - wait for it - the master bedroom!

Let the fun begin.
Author’s Notes:
First, some outtakes:
Matty Hardwood staying in the house till all hours and playing with the dollhouse after the girls had gone to sleep.

Hadley went to visit the Goth household and Cornelia died right in front of him on the doorstep.

Viola running across the street to get changed after aging up.

‘OMG, I can’t let anyone see me in these hideous clothes!’

So, Hadley’s aged up, the girls have aged up - what mischief will they get up to now? Next chapter, Hadley gives Viola a special gift and Kate makes a surprising decision.
Also, an announcement! I have decided that, in this wishacy, the heir will move into a share house when they become a young adult. This is because I hate playing a single sim and also because the housemates made for such interesting storytelling in Gen 1. So, look out for a housemate vote, coming soon! Also feel free to nominate a sim for the housemate vote.
Current sims up for housemate consideration:
Velvet Sharpe

Sean Flynn

Tristan Swift

Who will join them in the vote?
Until next time,
xx Coutney.


  1. Ahh... sibling rivalry. It's funny that they're already fighting over boys' attention.

    They aged into gorgeous teens, too.

    I love the idea of moving Viola into a shared house. It does get pretty boring when there's just one Sim in a house, not much story there. I hope Velvet gets to move in too, though, as I'd love to see what she ends up doing with her life.

  2. Wow, both of them are really beautiful! And their dad looks nice as an elder, too. Although I liked his hair better when it was a little longer... ;)

    Right now I'd prefer Velvet moving in with Viola later, as I (like DragonWife above me) would like to see how she develops.

    Great chapter! I can't wait to find out what is going to happen next. This is going to be really interesting.

  3. Your opinions are duly noted! I'd like to keep playing Velvet too.

    @amhranai I've played Hadley before, I tested him out in Riverview first. That's the hair I gave him as an elder last time, so any other hair looked strange to me! I'll test out the hairstyles again when I play next though :)

  4. Ah, I see. I guess I can live with his current hairstyle,too... ;)

    And just a question out of curiosity: how do you play and post? Do you play a few weeks in advance, take the pictures, then put them into separate files and write the story for each file? Or do you stop after each "unit"? Or do you do something completely different?

  5. @amhranai I play until I know where the story is 'going' in order to write the next chapter. I am used to working with a plot, I have written many short stories and I am currently doing the final edit on my novel. Once I have a plot for the chapter, I write it, put all the pictures for it in a folder, then sort out the leftover pictures so my screenshots folder is cleaned out for when I play again. Normally I end up playing two chapters ahead.

  6. Wow. You've been moving so fast while I was out of town, I've been staying one post behind! I love that Viola is the heir, just because of her name.

    I also vote for keeping Velvet. I like the idea that Hadley moved in with two hot sisters, and in the next generation, his daughters are the two hot sisters!

    And I just love the idea of making this a house share Wishacy. That keeps the original feel of the story and makes it something unique. If you construct it the way you did the last house share, then pretty much everyone you had up for vote could be in it -- four people: two girls and two guys. But I guess, rereading, I see that there will probably be more voting options.

    Amhranai: I tend to play a couple of Sim-weeks ahead for pretty much the same reason. It gives me a chance for bits of story to emerge. Also, I just like to play and see what happens, so sometimes I have to sit myself down and make myself write. (I am SO IN LOVE with Charles as a teenager! Ha!)

    Also, I'm running a whole bunch of characters (too many!) and I want them to all have their own stories, not just the heir. So I have to play farther ahead to see how each character is going to evolve. I'm not sure I do such a great job b/c I am ending up writing SO MUCH detail. But I love everyone and can't seem to short anyone.

    I take a whole bunch of pictures while I play. Then I go back and page through the pictures and open all the ones I want to use and leave them on my desktop. I arrange them in the order I want them to appear. Then as I include each one in the post, I close the file on my desktop. Usually I end up only using about half the pictures I open.

    CourtneyHelen: I didn't know you were working on a novel! I have one novel in editing and one about halfway through the first draft. But my daughter pretty much killed my serious writing in the short term, so my Simblog is a nice release. I expect I'll pick writing back up in a few more months. Early parenthood is just so full of change that it's made my creativity very slow. Have you submitted anything for publication? How has it gone?

    (Wow, this comment is a novel in itself.)

  7. @Susan I have spoken to an independent publishing house, but I need to research the industy more before I give my phone number to any more publishing companies, because I was so out of depth when they called, haha. I find writing this blog gives me great writing practice, and is a good thing to work on when I'm working myself up to writing a critical missing scene, or when I need to take a break from tedious editing. So if I update this a lot, obviously I'm procrastinating, haha.

    You're not alone in parenthood curbing your creativity. The loss of my live in nanny job was probably a blessing in disguise, as after I stopped the 'mum routine', the book really came together! I know you can't just turn it off like that, but hopefully the creativity will come back :)

  8. I hope Velvet goes with her to the new house. I like having multiple sims in the house too.

  9. I sat laughing when I saw Marty helping Viola with her homework - if only she knew their paths cross in a different life in more ways than one lol as you will see shortly (evil smirk!!) If velvet and viola had the same hair colouring they would be pretty much identical look wise wouldnt they!!