The Hand of Fate: A Sims 3 Share House Wishacy.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Gen. 2. Chap. 12: The dating game

My life now consisted of three things. Babysitting, work, and... dating?
Courtney, my wish fairy, had not talked to me in a while, and I suppose that was to be expected. She had helped me through the difficult time when I lost my parents, but I got annoyed at her for the constant nagging about finding myself a boyfriend and settling down. So it was my own fault she didn’t talk to me anymore, really.
But I had been thinking a lot lately about what she had said. I wasn’t getting any younger, and whilst I loved looking after Alannah, I did want a family of my own someday.

I had taken special care in getting ready today, as I was having dinner with Arvid straight after work. It was not really a date as such, more like I wanted to test the waters, see if we could be more than friends. I dropped Alannah off at the library, where Tony was working on his book, and headed off to work.

The weird thing about this day was that nothing felt different. I’d had an average morning with Alannah, now an average afternoon at work. Predictable clients, same old treatments.  I wasn’t even excited or nervous about dinner tonight. I was beginning to think this whole dating idea was a fruitless endeavor, but knew I couldn’t think like that. So I walked through the park to meed Arvid with an open mind.

Arvid and I had fun, sure, but I knew by the end of the night there was nothing there. 

I had tried to feel attracted to him, I really had. But I don’t think that’s the kind of thing that can be forced. So I was back to square one.

My next try was with Tarik. It was Sean’s day to look after Alannah, so I arranged to meet Tarik at the diner for breakfast, which was nothing out of the ordinary. 

But this time might be different, I thought, as I waited for him.

We chatted as usual, had a great time. 

But there was nothing else. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me.

I headed over to the park to play for tips, to clear my head a bit. I wasn’t really looking to meet dating prospects, it was the middle of the day so there were mostly stay at home mom’s and elderly people at the park. 

I did see Velvet though, which was nice, and I did actually meet one guy who could potentially be a romance prospect.

His name was VJ Alvi, and sure, he was older than me, but he looked kind of edgy with his mohawk.

Later that night, after I’d been checking on my bookstore, I decided to try playing for tips again, seeing as there might be more young people around now. I still seemed to attract the old dudes though - not that I have anything against older men, just not Arlo Bunch. He has an, erm, interesting face.

I noticed Jenny Wu and Emily Collingwood had come to the front of the group. Jenny was smiling at me seductively. I didn’t think I was a lesbian, but I knew Jenny was. I smiled back, just a friendly smile. 

I couldn’t really see myself going out with Jenny or Emily, who I now saw was looking at me in that way too. No matter how much Tony defended her, Emily was a slut, there was just no other way to put it.
I was so tired when I got home, that I couldn’t believe that Emerson was just heading out to the hospital.

‘Do you ever sleep?’ I asked jokingly
‘It’s a rarity these days,’ he replied. He sure did look tired. ‘Between work and Alannah - I just got called in for an emergency. Anyway, what have you been up to today?’
‘Thinking,’ I replied. ‘Also, I discovered that only old men and lesbians seem attracted to me.’
He laughed. ‘With all those friends you have, surely you’ll find someone.’
‘Well, I am still going through the list.’ I said jokingly.
‘Good luck with that,’ he smiled. ‘I’ve gotta go, but I’ll catch you later, yeah?’
‘See ya Em.’
The next morning, when I went to get Alannah out of her crib, I found Sean had beat me to it.
‘What are you doing?’ I asked. ‘It’s my day today, you looked after her yesterday.’
‘It’s alright,’ he replied. ‘I like looking after her, I’ll do it today. Don’t you want to go out or something?’
I considered his offer. It would be a good chance to continue my dating mission. 
‘Okay, thanks,’ I replied. ‘I’ll call Dylan and see if he wants to hang out.’

But Dylan, it seemed, did not want to hang out. ‘Are you sure you want to look after her?’ I asked Sean.
‘Positive,’ he said.
So I headed down to my car aimlessly. I wasn’t really sure what to do with myself, now that I didn’t have to look after Alannah and Dylan didn’t want to hang out. Then I remembered that the Science Facility had called me and asked me to read a book for them. Something about needing more logical thinkers to consult. So I headed to the library and found the book they wanted me to read.

When I finished the book, I looked up and saw Dylan, so I headed over to him.
‘Hey,’ he said when he saw me. ‘Sorry I couldn’t meet up with you before, I was in the middle of something.’
‘It’s okay,’ I said. 

And that’s when things started to get awkward. Because I flirted with him, but he just laughed it off and started chatting to me like normal. 

So I made an excuse and left. 

When I got home, I found Sean in the garage training Jenny.

Oh dear. I really did not want to talk to Jenny.
‘Hey Sean?’ I babbled. ‘Can you go put a shirt on? I want to paint a picture of you.’
‘I’m busy, Viola,’ he protested.
‘It’s okay!’ said Jenny brightly, getting off the treadmill. ‘I’m tired anyway.’
Sean threw up his hands. ‘Okay! You can paint a picture of me, just give me a sec.’
I frowned. What was his problem?
‘So Viola, you were pretty awesome the other night,’ said Jenny as Sean left the room.
‘Oh - thanks.’ It wasn’t that I didn’t like Jenny, it’s just that I was pretty sure I didn’t like girls that way, and I had a feeling she liked me. ‘Hey - I’m gonna go set up my easel, I’ll talk to you later okay?’ I hated brushing her off - boy did I know what that felt like - but that was better than leading her on, I figured.
‘So how long to I have to hang around for?’ asked Sean, moving out of his position to get a look at my progress so far.

‘Just until I’ve finished the outline,’ I replied. ‘Hey, guess what happened today?’
‘What?’ he didn’t sound very interested.
‘Well, I was flirting with Dylan but he just laughed at me.’
‘How horrible for you,’ said Sean sarcastically.
I frowned, setting my paintbrush down and turning around. ‘I’m sorry, I thought that was the kind of thing I was supposed to tell my best friend.
Sean closed his eyes for a second. When he opened them, I heard Alannah start to cry.
‘One of the boys will get her,’ I said hastily, willing for him to say something.
Alannah’s cries continued. Sean didn’t say anything, just stared at a spot on the wall with a closed expression on his face.
‘I’m going to go put Alannah to bed,’ he said finally, and left.

Sean was so confusing. I had spent the entire evening trying to figure out what I’d done wrong to make him inexplicably mad at me. Then, when I was just drifting off to sleep, I felt him climb into bed beside me, like usual.
‘I’m sorry,’ I whispered, rolling over. ‘Sean, what did I-’
‘Sssh,’ he said, cutting me off. ‘It was me, I’m sorry.’ He snuggled under the blankets and lay down, so we were face to face. He brushed the hair out of my eyes, a familiar, tender gesture. ‘Just go to sleep Viola. It’s alright.’

I looked after Alannah the next morning, then headed over to the Science Facility once Tony got home from... the Science Facility. 

Oh, the irony. I knew the senior scientists would still be there though, since I’d told them this was the only time I could come. 

I told them my opinion on the book, and they asked my opinion on a few things. Scientific things, obviously. I wasn’t sure how my limited knowledge would do them any good, but I helped them as best as I could. Apparently, they were impressed with my fresh take on things and paid me for my time. Sweet!
I finished the first portrait of Sean when I got home, but I wasn’t happy with it. 

I was a little nervous about asking him to pose for another one the next day, after what had happened last time, but luckily he did so without complaint. 

Hopefully this one would turn out better!
I didn’t get to work on it for long though, because it was Alannah’s birthday! 

She aged into a beautiful little girl with great fashion sense, who was artistic, athletic, and family oriented.  

She gave Tony a hug as soon as she aged up, then they ran outside and jumped in the pool. 

I didn’t watch them for long though, I wanted to get back to my painting.
I finished the second portrait of Sean sometime after midnight. 

I couldn’t decide which one was worse! I had just started on a new painting - no, not another portrait - when I heard the front door click open. I jumped, then I realised it was just Sean coming home from work. I listened to his footsteps come up the stairs, and down the hall. Then, the door to the den clicked open. Sean walked over to me, glancing briefly at the paintings of himself on the wall. I laid down my paintbrush.

‘Has anyone ever told you,’ he said softly. ‘That you look absolutely amazing in that dress?’

Author's Notes:

I know, that was an evil cliffhanger! Will she blow Sean off like  Dylan did to her, or will she respond to his advances?? Oh the drama!

I basically made up the Jenny storyline, she is actually gay, I saw her hitting on some female townie, but I have no idea obviously if she likes Viola! And she and Viola did talk between Sean training her and Viola painting Sean, but I don't seem to have a screenshot of it, which is annoying. Anyway, I thought the storyline was funny!

And obviously that was my fault with the first Sean portrait - My first portrait attempt and I take a picture of him with the stupid thought bubble over his head! Gah!

Until next time,

xx Courtney


  1. Aw, I hope she doesn't blow off Sean! I think they have some real Sim chemistry!

    Great post as always!

  2. Oooooh-finally?! How can you do that, almost making my heart stop like that. When she was meeting with Arvid, I thought they would get together! That would have been such an improvement to him dating old women... anyway, it must be really hard for her, finding the one. So I hope she and Sean finally get together. Now that Sean is making first attempts, it seems that at least HE understood that they are meant for each other!!!
    Pleasepleaseplease write the next chapter as soon as possible ;)

  3. @Rainwife Me too!

    @Amhranai *Dies laughing* Your comment made me so happy! That must mean there was some good writing in this chapter :) I'm sorry she didn't get with Arvid, I did what I could (notice she picked him up from the chess table where he was glitched? Hahaha! So at least he's not glitched anymore!).

    And yes, at least Sean has his head screwed on right! I'll try and get the next chapter up ASAP, since I know that cliffy was evil :)

  4. "Evil" is a big understatement. ;)
    And yes, the writing was great, like always. I like this way of telling the story with a first person narrator, but I liked the dialogue between the two of you,too.
    (I might even be stealing that idea, I don't know yet. ;) )

  5. You can use that idea! I didn't come up with it, plenty of other people do it :)

    Viola and I will chat again in not the next chapter but the one after :)

    And I have the next chapter nearly finished but I just realised I'm missing two screenshots - one of the Collingwood's new house and a CAS pic for Sean's adult birthday. And my launcher won't start up so I can't take the pics grr I don't know what is wrong. I might restart my computer see if that works. Otherwise I might upload without those pics, I don't know. But I will need to actually play the game at some point so I'd like to get it working!

  6. If the launcher is on strike, maybe you could try and open Sims by using the direct connection to it in your installed folder? I mean that folder that has been installed to that user path on your computer. Not the folder that is installed in your documents, but the one more "hidden"... There should be something like "TSEP001" (if you have Adventures), or "TSEP002" or something like that, when you open the folder of the newest expansion pack. If you don't have any, try it in the main folder of The Sims, then go to "Game", then "Bin". There is the application to start the game directly.
    (I'm terribly sorry if I just confused you a lot, but this is how I get my game running, so I am trying to pass that knowledge on, knowing that my technical English still sucks ;) )

  7. I loved this chapter and I hope she doesn't blow off Sean. I really think they'd be cute together.

  8. @Amhranai I'll reply to you here:

    ... as this may end up being a long discussion :/

    @sweetestofdreams I think they look totally gorgeous together also! I would totally pair characters like that together when doing a plot.

  9. Augh. You're killing me! Does she or doesn't she?

    BTW: As of today, the Sharpe Generation 2 house share appears in the Sample Sunset Valley! Ha! I have Viola, Velvet, Sean, and the Collingsworths all living in the Metropolitan Lofts.

  10. @Susan Awesome! Let me know what they get up to!

    Want to know what happens next? See if you can help me fix my game, haha!

    I'm completely aware that this is bribery, but I'm completely stuck and I'm too much of a perfectionist to upload a chapter with missing pictures lol

  11. Man, this stuff is going around. I've had friends and parents visiting, but the rest of the reason I haven't been posting is that I've been troubleshooting my game. I think I have it playable again, and if worst comes to worst, I'll reboot Sunset Valley AGAIN -- but then I want to use a mod to kill off all the starter characters because I'm going to go nuts if I have to go through the lives of Stiles McGraw, Malcolm Landgraab, Mortimer Goth, and company yet a third time.

    Seems like with all the Sims nonsense I've been through, I should be able to help, but your problem isn't one I've hit yet. I'll ponder and see what I can suggest on the forum.

    Oh, and I didn't realize you're also a Mac user! Ha!

  12. Awesome, if you think of anything let me know :) Go Mac's!

    Perhaps you could move your Samples to Riverview or another town? Then there would be a fresh set of townies :)

  13. Aw... It's so sweet to see Sean and Viola inching toward each other. I'm so glad that the next chapter is up already so I don't have to wait!

    Alannah is lovely.

    I liked seeing VJ as an old man, too. He died before his birthday in my game so he never made it to elder.

  14. You will see VJ again :) And someone commented on Alannah, finally! Sean and Viola completely overshadowed her aging up :)

  15. Alannah is so cute! she is going to be really pretty when she grows up :)

  16. "I did actually meet one guy who could potentially be a romance prospect" VJ ALVI - this will have me laughing for the rest of the night!!!!! It is just too funny!!!!! She attracts the old dudes and lesbians doesn't fancy the dishy blokes in her life lol - and she has Sean right under her nose and can't see it lol
    I hope she doesn't reject him!!!! Alannah is really pretty!!!