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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Gen. 2 Chap. 10: Alannah

‘Emerson is looking very pensive this morning.’

‘Yes, he is.’
‘You’re not going to tell me why, are you?’
‘Well if Tony has not told you yet then no.’
‘Okay, okay. Did Sean survive the night in jail?’
‘Well, he had a pretty rough night, he did not get any sleep and he passed out on the sidewalk when they let him out.’

‘Serves him right.’
‘Ooh, who is this hottie, Viola? And aren’t you going to say hi to Sean?’

‘No, I am mad at him. And this is Tarik Ernst, the next ranked chess opponent.’
‘You do not look like you are playing much chess!’

‘Hey, can’t I get to know a guy before I beat him?’
‘I’m not objecting I was just surprised.’

‘I won!’
‘Well, let’s hope his ego isn’t too bruised. He seems to be ignoring you.’

‘Ugh, I do not want to talk to Sean.’
‘Well, it looks like you’re saved by the carpool.’
‘Yay! I have a waxing client first up. What a great way to take out my frustration!’
‘Oh dear. I pity your clients, I really do. And I think you are more like Sean than you know. You seem to have a bit of a sadistic side, Viola.’
‘Shut up!’
‘Who are you calling?’

‘I’m asking Larissa out to the movies.’
‘Um, you do know she has a girlfriend?’
‘Why do you presume I’m asking her out on a date?’
‘Just the way you said it, I got confused. So it’s not a date?’
‘Nope. We’re just hanging out.’

‘Looks like you had fun.’
‘We did!’
‘Best you get home now though, so Tony can tell you his news.’
‘Oh my God, I totally forgot!’
‘I can’t believe you didn’t tell me that Tony is adopting a baby!’
‘Well, it was his news to tell.’
‘Oh my God, I am so excited!’
‘Did he tell you that he and Emerson are planning on moving out?’
‘Yes, and I told him it was a ridiculous idea. I want to see the baby, I told them they should stay here.’
‘Hmmm. Well, I don’t think Velvet will be too happy with that idea.’
‘Why not?’
‘Well, she was visiting Jonathan Keaton and Bella Bachelor today, and she offered to entertain their toddler so Bella could take care of the new baby.’

‘Well, the toddler needed changing, and she couldn’t find the diapers, and she couldn’t find Jonathan, and Bella was busy with the baby, and long story short she ended up peeing herself because she was running around frantically after this toddler.’

‘Oh no! Somehow I don’t think she’ll want to babysit for them again.’
‘No, in fact I don’t really think she’ll want anything to do with babies for a while. I think she may want to move out once she finds out you’ve told Tony and Emerson to stay.’
‘Oh. Well, I don’t really mind if she moves out. And that way the baby can have it’s own room.’
‘You know, I think it’s a little strange that you guys are twins, yet you’ve never been friends. But you are right, it will be good for the baby to have it’s own room.’
‘See? I’m always right.’
‘You picked the wrong day to sleep in, Viola. And I thought you were mad at Sean?’

‘What? I always sleep in. And Sean must have come to bed after me because I certainly didn’t get into bed with him.’
‘Okay then. Well, today the social worker came and dropped Alannah off and Velvet moved out.’

‘Oh! Alannah, that’s a pretty name.’

‘I thought you would want to go see Alannah?’

‘Well, I did, but Tony was teaching her to walk and they looked so cute I didn’t want to interrupt them.’

‘So you thought you’d go check on your bookstore instead?’
‘Yep. The music section was a mess, I had to completely reorganize it. Then after work I went over to Tristan’s to ask if he wanted to see a movie. And before you ask, no it’s not a date.’

‘Who is that guy?’

‘That’s Arvid Voss, one of Tristan’s housemates.’
‘Huh. Well, I might talk to him later, me and Tristan are going out now.’

‘Who are you thinking about?!’

‘Mmm no one.’
‘You and Tristan seem to be having fun.’

‘Yes we are, and - oh my God!’
‘Someone has died - the grim reaper is here!’

‘I hate to tell you this, Viola, but it is Patrick Flynn, Sean’s dad.’
‘Oh no!’

‘You are not going to tell me who you are thinking about, are you? And how did you get in there?’
‘Nope. And I don’t know how I got in here. Ah no, I can’t get out! I’m stuck!’

‘No problem, I’ll just do some wish fairy magic.’

‘How did you do that!?’
‘Ooh look there is Alannah! But she is crying.’

‘I think she is tired.’
‘Well, I’ll put her to bed then.’

‘Tony came in and apologised, he said he had just been about to put her to bed. Then I asked Em how he was adjusting to the new baby and he said it was taking a bit of getting used to.’

‘I imagine it would!’

‘I hope you don’t make a habit of this napping, Viola.
‘Oh, your mother and Velvet did it all the time and it drove me mad.’
‘Well I don’t see much harm in it. I’m going to go let Alannah out of her crib.’

‘Good idea. Oh, did you make up with Sean?’

‘Yes, I thought it was a bit silly staying mad at him when his dad just died.’

‘I think I’m going to faint are you talking to Velvet?!’

‘Yes, well she is my sister. Why is she here anyway, I thought she moved out?’
‘Sean invited her over, they are quite good friends you know. Anyway, it’s time to get ready for work, are you going to change out of those clothes you slept in?’
‘Yeah, okay.’

‘I notice you did your hair differently, it looks nice.’
‘Yeah, I just wanted a change.’
‘Finally, work is over! I’m so tired!’

‘That would be because you just napped instead of sleeping properly last night.’
‘Oh. I don’t think I’ll be doing that again. How did Tony and Em go with Alannah today?’
‘Well, Em was at work for a lot of the day, but Tony had fun with her. Em did invite over his sister Tania to meet Alannah.’

Author’s Notes:
I thought toddler spam was a good way to round out the chapter, haha. I’ve also got some pics for you I meant to put at the end of last chapter, of the boys and their laptops.

It looks like some kind of nude photo shoot or something doesn’t it?
Oh, and Arvid Voss is Amhranai’s sim.
Jonathan Keaton’s name is actually Jonathan Bachelor in game, I just put Jonathan Keaton so you’d know who he was :)
Until next time,
xx Courtney.


  1. Cute toddler! It's nice to see the boys starting a family.

    I'm a little sad that Velvet moved out, but I'm sure it's for the best. She and Viola never seemed much interested in hanging out.

    Will Viola ever settle down and start a family?

  2. @DragonWife I've only played about a chapter ahead, so I'm wondering the same thing as you! I really want her to choose a man for herself, but if she hasn't by the time Alannah ages into a child I'm gonna use her free day :)

  3. Awwwwwwww! Alannah is one of the cutest toddlers I have ever seen. The name is great, too! It is so nice that Tony and Emerson have founded a family now and a little kid always adds spice to life :D

    Really sorry for Sean, losing his dad - does he even know (officially)?

    And I am thinking about the same thing DragonWife wrote - Viola really never seems to be ready to found a family herself. Maybe this changes with experiencing life with a kid... I hope so!

    Aaaand I noticed Arvid :D Yay, he is in your game! (I know you told me, but I couldn't wait to see him)

  4. Yeah Sean knows his dad died, from the call to the house that notifies you when someone dies. But he didn't get the mourning moodlet because he didn't actually see him die. It was really sad when Patrick died because he was out with his girlfriend, Zelda Mae, and she was all heartbroken, etc.

    You'll see Arvid at least once more - I don't really know if we'll see him after that because I haven't played very far ahead.

    I like that Viola is enjoying socialising, etc before she gets bogged down with children and such, but she has never so much has flirted with anyone even though she has the flirty trait!

  5. Trying to catch up on a few of your chapters before I have to feed my tribe.

    OMG - Johnathon Keaton and Bella Bachalor that's an interesting one lol - and marty has 2 grandchildren in your game - bless :) I think it is pretty comical that Viola and Sean sleep together in the same bed. Aawww poor Sean losing his dad!! Alanna is really cute!!