The Hand of Fate: A Sims 3 Share House Wishacy.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Gen. 2 Chap. 14: Love and Lust

This chapter will be written in part narrative style, part conversation style.
Normal text will be in black.
Viola will be in green.
I will be in blue.

Sean was out cold when I woke up the next morning, so I slid quietly out of bed and padded down the hall to our new hobby room.
We’d set it up yesterday. Sean had lugged his exercise equipment in, and I’d set up a couple of easels and put some drop sheets down. We’d decorated the room with my paintings and rock collection, as well as a couple of dad’s old guitars. It was a bright, cheerful space, and I loved it.
I propped my current canvas up on one of the easels and started to paint.

After a while, I heard Sean in the shower, so I snuck back to our room to get dressed. I was in the kitchen when I heard him turn off the water.
‘Happy birthday,’ I said as he wandered into the kitchen, still looking a little sleepy, his hair damp. A smile crept onto my face.
Sean grimaced. ‘Do I look old?’

‘Hmmm,’ I said, still grinning. ‘You kind of look like that guy from Silverchair. But with a pretty boy haircut.’
Sean raised an eyebrow. ‘You’re saying I look like a burnt out rock star? That’s encouraging.’
I laughed. Sean was smiling at me, shaking his head. ‘What are you going to buy for your birthday?’ I asked. I knew Sean was saving for a new car, so I’d given him cash for his birthday, left over from the sale of the old house.
He looked smug. ‘I already bought it.’

‘What? When?’
‘Before work yesterday. Come have a look.’ He took my hand and dragged me outside. Parked around the side of the house was a shiny black... Prius?
‘A Prius?’ I said.
Sean rolled his eyes. ‘It was black and in my budget, okay?’
I shook my head at him. ‘C’mon. Let’s take it out.’

We ended up at the diner, just like old times.

Afterwards, we caught a movie. We weren't quite ready to go straight home when it finished though.

I’m sure I did do something constructive the next day. I was just a little distracted for a while, that’s all.

Oh! That’s right, I hung up a painting, and finished another one.

And I learned how to cook pancakes. Now I can make waffles and pancakes! 

I’m not sure if Sean liked them though.

Velvet had wanted a painting done, so I gave her one of the portraits of Sean. 

After we caught up, I headed to the theatre to play for tips. 

I met some new people, and I saw Tristan as well.

I hadn’t seen him in so long, it made me realise I was going to start losing friends if I didn’t keep hanging out with them. So I invited Dylan over the next day.
I got to show him the new house, and we had a good catch up. I was relived things no longer seemed awkward between us, after my disastrous flirting attempt a while ago.


After work I had dinner with my friend Kristy, who I’d met while busking.

There was a bit of commotion at the bistro, however, as Veronica Swift tried to start a fight with someone!

Luckily, Tony and Emerson were there having dinner too, and they seemed to talk some sense into her.

Sean had been very busy at work, and was still asleep when I woke up the next morning. So I decided to call VJ Alvi and ask him out for breakfast.

‘VIOLA! What the hell did you just do?!’

‘I just kissed VJ. Problem?’
‘Yes I have a problem! What about Sean?’
‘What about Sean and why did you not say you had a problem with this before I kissed him and made this into a date?’
‘Because I didn’t know you were flirting with him! You were being boring and I thought you were about to go into the diner so I was watching the other people outside the diner.’
‘Well it’s your own fault then. Now get out of my head, I’m on a date and I’m having breakfast with VJ.’
‘I see you painted VJ gathering the forces of evil.’

‘Oh damn you’re back. Yes I did and I think it looks much better than the picture of Sean, don’t you?’
‘Speaking of Sean, he is home from work.’
‘Great. What the hell is he wearing?’

‘Well, he has gotten in the good books of Michael Bachelor, the new crime boss since Matt Iverson died. But Michael is hazing him and making him wear stupid outfits and do dangerous jobs. He’s not having a very good time at work at the moment that’s why he has been distant these last few days. You would know this if you’d bothered to talk to him.’
‘Well I’m going to eat my dinner first.’

‘You can’t hide out there forever, Sean is in the hobby room waiting for you.’

‘I’m going, I’m going.’

‘I think he knows.’

‘I would not be surprised if he knows, you kissed VJ in front of a lot of people, including Sean’s boss.’
‘If he knows then why is he all sweet on me?’

‘I’m not sure.’
‘I don’t know what to do.’

‘Have you made up your mind, Viola?’

‘Yes, but can I go to the toilet before I tell you?’

‘I guess. I just realised you’ve distracted me so much I’ve forgotten to change your outfit.’
‘Huh? I thought I just decided to wear the exact same dress two days in a row.’
‘No, I usually change your outfit every day. I don’t normally bother with Sean though, because I’d just be changing the singlet to a slightly different colour and I didn’t see much point.’
‘I just thought he couldn’t match colours.’
‘Nope. Anyway, what have you decided?’
‘I’m going to sleep with Sean.’

‘Don’t you already do that?’
‘You’re remarkably dumb sometimes, Courtney. I mean have sex with him. It’s about time I had sex with someone and I want to do it with Sean. Then he won’t be suspicious about VJ.’

‘Something tells me you’re doing this for the wrong reasons, but whatever, go ahead.

‘Me and Sean were in the car about to go to the movies and then suddenly he stops the car and gets out and starts yelling at me!’

‘Probably because you are messing with his head and he has finally cracked. Now shoosh, I want to hear what he’s saying.’
‘I can’t play along any more Viola! I can’t do it!’

I had never seen him so angry. I stepped back a little, shocked.
‘I know all about what you’ve been getting up to. Kissing someone else in front of a dozen people? You really think I wouldn’t find out?’
I bit my lip. ‘I’m sorry.’ I said quietly.
‘Sorry doesn’t cut it, Viola.’

I gathered my self resolve. ‘To be fair, Sean, we never discussed this thing being exclusive.’
Sean just shook his head. ‘Don’t you get it, Viola? I love you. But to you, it’s just a game.’

I felt like Sean had just slapped me in the face. I went to say something to him, but he stalked past me, around the corner. I followed him and saw him kick over the neighbours rubbish bin in fury. 

I walked over to him. He was standing on the sidewalk, breathing heavily. 
‘Sean?’ I said, and tried to take his hand.

‘Don’t,’ he said shortly. ‘Don’t touch me.’

So, I think my game is working now! I say think because every time I think it’s working, it stops. But anyway, fingers crossed. I’m using the same save game, I didn’t have to download them again, but thanks anyway to Amhranai for uploading Sean for me. Also a big thanks to Julie, I had to re colour Viola’s hair as I lost the colour and her picture of Viola with base game hair was a lifesaver. 
I’m not adding in any CC or store content for the minute, so I apologise for the base game hair and clothes in the upcoming chapters. I just want to be sure my game’s working first before I try adding stuff to it.
Until next time,
xx Courtney.


  1. So THAT's the insane thing that Viola did that you were hinting at! Now it looks like you're in the five day probation period for cheating. That seems like SO LONG. I wonder if you can kill it with the moodlet manager, if you got enough happiness points to buy one. Then again, that seems sort of like cheating on top of the cheating or something.

    (I also think it's silly that you can be accused of cheating without actually making a commitment. I'm sure you'd've mentioned it if Viola and Sean were going steady. Jealousy? Sure. But not the whole 5-day cheating gauntlet. I'm considering downloading a mod to change that.)

    I'm glad to hear that your game is running again. Fingers crossed that it stays that way. I've actually gotten the best performance I can recall since the game dumped my non-store Sims3Pack CC for no apparent reason. (I think while I was trying to load the Vosses and getting a message that they'd been loaded successfully but never actually seeing them in the game.) I'm calling a moratorium on Sims3Pack stuff from here on out and only installing .packages. So far, I have almost as much .package mods as I did Sims3Pack, and the performance is still fine.

    Oh, I thought you'd be amused -- I haven't actually seen your house share sims because my sims have been spending the weekend working on their new house, but Twallan's StoryProgression informs me that Israel Bauer (son of Layla's boss Antonio) has been dating both Viola and Velvet. I wonder if they know? I should move him into the house share. He's like Hadley :) :).

  2. Noooooooooooooooooooooo! How can can!!! Finally they found out that they belong together and then she goes and kisses another man?! That sucks so much. I really hope he will forgive her and they will get another chance.

    And I am really glad your game is finally up and running again :)

  3. VJ is such trouble! (Though I love seeing him, of course.) I take it Viola's flirting trait is finally kicking in...

    Also glad your game seems to be behaving again!

  4. OMG Susan that thing about Israel dating Viola and Velvet is just hilarious! Yeah Viola and Sean were just romantic interests.

    I just thought it was hilarious it was VJ of all people.

  5. BTW: Looking up the cheating system, I discovered that each time you apologize, you reduce the Betrayal debuff time by 12 hours.

    Viola obviously has a thing for evil boys, old or young :).

  6. Awh that is sad, her and Sean are so perfect! Ugh drama!

  7. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is she off her head!! Obviously her time in the asylum afected her LMAO - VJ ALVI - OMG!!!!!
    I am going to cook tea while I get over the shock - LMAO I feel sooooo sorry for Sean.