The Hand of Fate: A Sims 3 Share House Wishacy.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Gen. 2 Chap. 9: Fate

‘Sean is gone.’

‘He had to go to work, Viola. You slept in.’
‘I don’t want to do anything today.’
‘Really? So you don’t want to be best friends with Dylan? Or hang out with Tristan?’
‘I guess I do want to do those things. I just still feel really down.’
‘Perfectly understandable.’
‘Actually I think I will call Dylan. I think I want some company today.’

‘How was your day, Viola?’
‘It was okay. First I met Dylan at the beach, then Tristan at the park, then back to the beach to meet Larissa.’ 

‘Wow, that sounds like a big day.’
‘It was, I was still really sad though.’
‘I’m sure they understood.’
‘Yeah, they were really great. What did my housemates do today?’
‘Nothing exciting...’

‘Oh wow. Who are all these people in my house?’

‘The blonde guy is Dougie, who works at the hospital with Emerson. And the girl is Tony’s Aunt Emily, you met her at the wedding.’
‘I remember now. I think I’m just going to go to bed.’

‘I’m feeling better today.’
‘Good! Any plans?’
‘I want to go catch a butterfly.’
‘That sounds fun, I think there’s some behind your house. Go have a look.’

‘I couldn’t catch one, and now I scared them all away.’
‘Try the beach, that’s where you used to catch them when you were little.’

‘Oh crap I scared them all away again!’
‘Try the park then.’
‘I got one!!’

‘How’s the book?’

‘Boring. What’s everyone else doing?’
‘Velvet is playing guitar, Sean is reading too, and Tony and Emerson are on a date at the art gallery.’

‘Oh how cute! And what did everyone do when I was on my butterfly hunt?’
‘I don’t know, I was a little preoccupied with you. I do know that Tony and Emerson spent an awful lot of time in their bedroom today.’

‘That’s a strange reaction. I thought you’d say ‘I don’t need to know that’ or something.’
‘Do you want a boyfriend then, miss romantic? I can help you get one, you know.’
‘Not right now.’
‘A girlfriend?’
‘No. I’m going to go stargaze now. I want to discover a star.’

‘Did you discover one?’
‘No, but I discovered a planet, and named it Hadley.’
‘You and Sean look very picturesque there.’

‘Do we? Thank you for the new dress, by the way.’
‘No problem. It was on special at the store, and I thought it would cheer you up.’
‘It did, thank you.’

‘What are you doing with Sean now?!’
‘What are my housemates doing?’
‘Velvet has gone on a fixing/cleaning spree, and Tony and Emerson have gone on a different kind of spree, often in the same locations.’

‘That sounds highly entertaining.’
‘It is. But stop changing the subject - what are you and Sean doing?’

‘Relax, we’re just talking. And we’re done now, because I’m going to go write my first song.’

‘Can I hear it?
‘Sure, here’s what I’ve got so far.’

Fate (country)
How do you tell if love is right,
How do you tell if love is true.
We don’t know the difference between love and lust,
and it kills us. 
Yeah it kills us.

Oh-ho was he in love, was he in love baby?
How do you know if it’s real, if it’s worth it?
I look around and I don’t know.
All I see are actors, and I can’t see their hearts!

So how can you tell if a couple’s gonna make it,
How do you know if he’s the one.
Is is fate and are there soulmates,
Cause I just want to know.

Oh-ho was he in love, was he in love baby?
How do you know if it’s real, if it’s worth it?
I look around and I can’t taste it!
Is it written in the stars?
Is it written in the stars?

Oh-ho was he in love. 
Was he in love baby?
Cause I just want to know.

‘That is really good, Viola! It certainly is a very different sound to Tainted Soul.’
‘Yeah, it is. I wasn’t really setting out to write a country song, it just came out that way.’
‘Well, however you did it, it’s very good.’
‘Thanks. I’m really hungry now though.’

‘It’s very quiet - where is everyone?’
‘It is the middle of the night, Viola. Velvet is napping by the pool, Tony and Emerson are at the library working on their books, and Sean is in jail.

‘The warehouse got raided, so he’s in the clink for the night.’
‘Why didn’t you tell me?’
‘Because you were singing me your song! Anyway, Tony just finished his book, and he’s got big plans for how he’s going to spend his free time.’
‘What? Tell me!’
‘I’ll let him tell you in the morning. Night, Viola!'
I couldn’t sleep and I had pics for this chapter so I figured I’d go ahead and write it :)
So, thank goodness! Emerson only asked two people for their star sign and then he was back to having wishes about Tony. Phew! I would have loved the drama, but I love them together more. I thought it was so cute when Em decided to take up writing too, they are always working on their books together. In fact, nearly everything they do is in sync with each other - almost always they autonomously go to bed at the exact same time, etc.
Yes, Em’s mate Dougie is the sim I tried to make look like Dougie Poynter, as I mentioned on my randomness page, in case you were wondering.

I quite like the song in this chapter, hope you like it too. I don’t normally write songs because I get frustrated, I know how they are supposed to sound in my head, but I was never taught how to write music properly, so I can’t write the notes down. Maybe someday I will take classes or something, but it seems kind of pointless, seeing as I cant sing. Anyway, I enjoy writing songs for my characters, at least :)
Until next time,
xx Courtney.


  1. For some reason I really want her to choose Sean when she gets to the romance part. I'm glad that Em and Tony didn't have any problems or at least yet.

  2. I really love that way of writing. It is somehow funny but also interesting and gives us impressions of what Viola is thinking in another way to the old one. I really, really love it.
    And the new song is great, too.

    And the two boys are just so incredibly cute ♥

  3. Awww, I'm glad that Em and Tony are doing well again now. I was a little worried that Tony would get upset about Em's chatting up other people. They're just so cute together!

    I'm also happy that Viola is starting to feel better. I hope she starts getting serious about the romance soon, though.

  4. Viola is funny with romance. She has the flirty trait, but never wishes to flirt. She sleeps in the same bed as Sean, and they stare at each other a lot, as you saw in this chapter. They remind me of Lex and Lily in Julie's insane challenge, actually, with the staring.

  5. When you said on your randomness page that you liked to change your sims clothes everyday you weren't joking were you!!! I don't know how you have the patience - dressing sims drives me nuts!! I am sure Viola and Sean will get there eventually - the staring is quite cute I think. I am glad that Toni and Em are ok - I was getting a little worried when you siad he kept asking dylans star sign!!

  6. Haha I love changing sims clothes, my favourite thing to do besides playing :)