The Hand of Fate: A Sims 3 Share House Wishacy.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Gen. 2. Chap. 7: The Quantum Malfactor


I loved living in my new house. There was a certain freedom about being out from under my parent’s roof.

I thought it was about time I got a job, and there was an opening at the local Science Facility as a test subject. It wasn’t the best job in the world, and the pay was horrible, but it occupied my time. I was also told there was a good chance I could get promoted to another job within the facility, if I worked hard and showed initiative. Sometimes I still copped a bit of flack from the dickheads at work, but they were few and far between. It was nothing like the hell school had been.
I spent my free time mainly working on my science fiction novel, The Quantum Malfactor.
My housemates all had jobs and were quite busy as well. Velvet had gotten a job at the local theatre, in hopes of getting a foot in the door to achieve her life time wish of becoming a hit movie composer. In her free time she liked to paint and play guitar. 

I noticed she also made quite a point of keeping in contact with her parents - she was always visiting them or talking to them online or over the phone. 

Velvet and Sean were also getting to know each other and become friends. They were night owls, and were always up in the middle of the night having a giggle in the hallway or something.

Viola still had her part time job as a ringer-up-er at the day spa that she’d had through high school. She had shorter hours than the rest of us, and used her free time to socialise. I noticed she had quite a lot of male acquaintances and friends, but she never seemed to go on any dates or become romantic with anybody. 

That was probably a good thing though, considering some of the company she chose to keep. 

Malcolm Landgrabb? Seriously? You’d think rich people would be able to afford a personal trainer and a stylist. Lol I’m horrible.
Sean amused me to no end. 

It was fairly well known that the underworld in Sunset Valley was run by a group of old timers (including Velvet and Viola’s mom?!, which I did not know until Sean told me) who were apparently pretty good at what they did. Sean had decided to join them, diligently going off to ‘work’ every day. He’d already got himself chucked in jail once.
‘They’re all about to kick the bucket.’ Sean told me, quite seriously. ‘When they’re gone, I’ll have control of the whole valley.’
Um, yeah Sean. You just keep telling yourself that.
I’d finished writing my book and was halfway through writing a second by the time Emerson finished out the year at school. Now we could plan our wedding!
We decided on a simple ceremony surrounded by family and friends. I suggested we hold it at my place, since it was large and perfect for entertaining. Emerson agreed, the guest list was done, and the wedding was upon us before we knew it. We didn’t tell our invitees what was going on though - the wedding would be a surprise!
I spent the beginning of the party mingling with the guests. I had a good chat with Jenny Wu, the new it girl in town. 

She’d moved down from Bridgeport with her brother to claim their inheritance of the old Villa Alto. She was one of my co workers who was nice to me, and I was just asking her how she was liking Sunset Valley when I heard yelling from the kitchen.
‘You are a disgrace! Look at you! I dread to think how you raised that nephew of yours.’
I hurried into the kitchen. Emerson’s mom, Veronica, was yelling at my aunt Emily. And she wasn’t finished, evidently. 
‘Brought him up teaching him how to mix a nice rum and coke, did you?’ Veronica screeched. ‘Showed him how to sleep with someone then break their heart, hmm?’
I knew that Emily was not like that, and I was furious. She had done a great job of raising my brother Shaun when he had fallen out with our parents, shortly after we moved here. Emily was angry too, and rightfully so. ‘Well,’ she retorted. ‘What about your daughter shacking up with the live in babysitter?’ Emily laughed cruelly. ‘Seems like you left her at home with the nanny a few too many times, huh?’
Unlike Veronica’s allegations, this was actually true. Tania, Emerson’s sister, had come to the party, and I hoped to God she was in the bathroom or something, so she couldn’t hear what Emily was saying. Larissa, the ex babysitter and Tania’s girlfriend, hadn’t been able to come because of work, which was probably just as well.
Veronica and Emily were full on fighting now, screaming and pulling each other’s hair. 

Everyone was crowding around, transfixed. No one knew what to do. 

I gasped as Veronica slapped Emily across the face, and she cried out in pain. 
‘Don’t mess with my family,’ spat Veronica, and she stalked off.

Emerson found me about five minutes later. I was in the living room, staring aimlessly out the window, thinking. 
‘I can’t do this,’ he said bleakly. ‘It’s not right, everyone’s fighting, and-’

‘It’s okay.’ I interjected. ‘D’you - d’you want to do it after everyone’s gone?’
‘What, get married?’
I gave him a small smile. ‘That’s what we want - isn’t it?’
‘Yeah,’ Emerson replied, glancing around. ‘Yeah. I just - we are doing the right thing, aren’t we? Getting married?’

I took his hands. ‘I don’t want anyone else. Do you?’
He shook his head. ‘No.’

I smiled. ‘What do you say we enjoy what’s left of our party, and then, when all the drama’s gone out that door, we get married?’

Emerson hugged me tight. ‘You, are wonderful Tony.’

The rest of the party went pretty smoothly, it actually went pretty late, no-one wanted to leave! 

We got married in the living room at three in the morning with Viola, Velvet, and Sean as our witnesses. 

And the best part was still to come.

Oh yeah. Forgot to say I got a tattoo. Emerson liked it.
Author’s Notes:
So when I moved the boys in Sean's LTW was different to the one he had when I copied the town... it is now Emperor of Evil.

Next chapter is Viola’s point of view again. All five housemates are now in my studio:

A HUGE thank you to grapescassie1 who built the new house for me! Go and add her as a friend or just say hi. She is awesome. I'm terrible at building sims houses, and she got it done really quickly for me.

Until next time,
xx Courtney


  1. Just caught up with everything!

    Love the way the story is going so far, and Tony and Emerson are sooo sweet!

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  2. Awwwwwwwww, that is so cute! Tony and Emerson getting married there and then, in their new house and everything.
    At first I thought you had been writing from Viola's point of view again, which confused me at the moment you were talking about Velvet's parents. Then I reread the whole chapter and finally got it!
    Amazing chapter. I love it (although not much has happened). And the house really is beautiful!

  3. Hi! Thanks for reading, glad you liked it :) I love Tony and Emerson! You'll be pleased to know I could not bear to move them out, and they'll be sticking around for a while.

    There will be more focus on the girls in the next chapter :)

  4. Amhranai - Oops, sorry, I'll fix that. Yes it does read a bit confusing, sorry! Off to edit the post :)

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  7. @sweetestofdreams The fight took me completely by surprise, hence why I didn't get any pics of them arguing and the walls were down in the pics. Everything I put in the dialogue is true though - Emily did raise Shaun and Tania and Larissa really are going out.
    I wasn't going to change Sean's hair but then I gave Tony that hair. I love Sean's new look too :)

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  10. @Cyazurai Thank you! Yes they do seem to attract a lot of drama don't they :)

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