The Hand of Fate: A Sims 3 Share House Wishacy.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Gen. 2 Chap.13: Moving Day

My breath caught. It was something about his voice - he had never talked to me that way before. At first I didn’t know what to say, and then the words spilled out of my mouth, before I could think them over.
‘You don’t look too bad yourself,’ I replied, stepping closer to him. My heart was thumping in my chest.

‘Do you want to know why I got annoyed at you the other day?’ Sean asked, his voice hitching a little as he did so.
I gulped. ‘I - I can hazard a guess.’
He lowered his eyes. ‘Can’t you see what’s happening here? With us?’
I studied the tilt of his neck, since I couldn’t see his eyes. Soft pink skin, waiting to be kissed. ‘I  - not until now.’ I was struggling for words to tell him I was sorry, sorry for being so stupid, sorry for being off in my own little world most of the time. Sorry for doing this to him.
‘It’s just - you were frustrating me so much, and I just cracked. But I shouldn’t have done that, I should have told you sooner.’
He lifted his head then, and I looked into his pale blue eyes. 

I realised that he was still waiting for an answer, confirmation this wasn’t going to backfire.
‘I feel it.’ I said. ‘I want-’ I was breathing heavily now. I didn’t know how to complete my sentence. I wasn’t as good with words as he was. 
‘I know,’ he said. ‘I know, Viola, it’s the same for me.’

We fell into bed then, just as the sun was rising. 

It was then I realised that this, just sleeping, was probably one of the most intimate things you could do with a person. And we had been doing it for ages. But tonight - this morning - felt different, for me at least. My heart was going a million miles an hour, I didn’t think I’d ever get to sleep. Eventually, Sean’s steady breathing calmed me, and I fell asleep in his arms.
The alarm on my phone woke me only a few hours later. I stared at the screen as I stopped the alarm, willing the words to make sense to me. ‘Alarm: Moving day’ it read. Moving day, moving day... my brain was still waking up. 
‘Holy crap, it’s moving day!’ I said aloud.
Sean was sitting up beside me, an amused look on his face. ‘Yes beautiful. It’s moving day.’
I just stared at him. ‘I forgot - with all the - with everything.’
He shook his head, grinning. ‘You, are priceless.’ He started to get up off the bed, and I felt a sudden sense of urgency.
‘Wait!’ I said. ‘Lets, um, hide in here for a bit. Before all the craziness starts.’ 
Sean raised an eyebrow, but sat back down on the bed. ‘And what, may I ask, are we going to do while we’re ‘hiding?’
‘This,’ I replied, and leaned in to kiss him.

My lips pressed against Sean’s for the slightest of moments, then his lips parted and he crushed his mouth against mine, making me gasp as he pulled away.
‘Any - any good?’ I asked shakily.

‘Oh I don’t know,’ he said offhandedly. Even though I thought he was having me on, seeds of doubt and uncertainty crept into my mind.

It must have shown on my face, because he said immediately, ‘I’m joking, you idiot! That was bloody amazing.’
I sighed. ‘I’m sorry, I’m just a bit-’

Sean cut me off. ‘Don’t talk. Just kiss me again.’

So I did. And might I add, it was even better than the first time.

We just lay there after that, content, but the sounds of the boys and Alannah taking showers and making breakfast were impossible to ignore. We had to get up and face the day.
‘Are you guys packed?’ I asked Tony as I came down the stairs. God, I was tired.

‘Yep,’ Tony replied. ‘Our house is furnished, like yours, so all we need is our laptops and clothes and stuff. Plus I packed my very expensive frying pan. Everything else in the kitchen in yours, right?’
I just stared at him. ‘Right.’ The kitchen. Oh God. I hadn’t packed anything in the kitchen. I’d packed my clothes and books, my rock collection, my guitar, dad’s guitars, but - oh no. I had a feeling my laptop was still sitting on the hall table.
Sean must have seen my look of panic, because he touched my arm lightly. ‘Viola - the kitchen’s packed up. Tony and I have been doing it for days. There’s paper plates in the kitchen for you to use for breakfast.’
I calmed down a little at that news. ‘I need to get my laptop,’ I said, mostly so I didn’t forget myself.

‘I packed it,’ said Sean with a little smile. ‘While you were doing your makeup. Plus I took down some of the paintings we had that I thought would look nice in the new house. Plus the ones of me, and the one you’re working on.’
I stared at him. I must be seriously tired, or lovesick, or something. I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten my paintings.
‘Thanks,’ I managed.
‘Just have a look around before we leave. Make sure I haven’t left anything up you want.’
Satisfied now that I hadn’t forgotten anything, I headed into the kitchen to grab some breakfast. 

It seemed that everyone else had eaten, and they were just reading or on their laptops, waiting for me. 

Well, almost everyone. It seemed like Alannah had other ideas. 

I glanced out the window as I was walking through the bedrooms checking for paintings, and I saw she was in the pool!

I ran downstairs. Honestly, Tony and Em were pretty oblivious parents sometimes. Just sitting there, reading, not realising their only daughter had decided to go swimming unsupervised. I was glad there wasn’t a pool at their new house.
‘Alannah!’ I yelled when I got outside. ‘Get out of the pool, right now!’
She got out and looked up at me meekly, dripping. ‘Why are you mad, Viola?’
I took a deep breath. ‘I’m not mad, I was worried. You’re not allowed to go swimming on your own, okay? Not until you know how to swim properly.’
‘But I do know how to swim,’ she said earnestly. ‘Daddy Tony taught me last night.’
I pursed my lips. ‘He taught you a little, yes. But until your older, promise me you won’t swim unless there’s an adult watching you. Okay?’
She nodded.
‘Now get dressed,’ I said, smiling at her. ‘Or Sean and I will leave without you!’
Alannah met me on the sidewalk a few minutes later. 

‘Can I ride with you?’ She asked excitedly.
‘Sure,’ I said, walking into the garage to unlock my Mom’s old SUV. I couldn’t bear to get rid of it, it was like a friend to me now. We waited for Sean to get in, and then we were off. 

Sean was currently without a car, he’d sold his truck and was planning on buying a new car once we were settled into our new house. 
We drove a little way up the road, then down another street, Tony and Emerson following behind in their cars. In no time at all, we arrived at our new place. It was a beautiful, country style house that looked like it had been there for a while, but renovated and extended to a modern standard.

Tony and Emerson parked their cars at their new house, a cute Victorian just up the road, then they walked back up to ours to have a look and collect Alannah. 

After we said our goodbyes, I collapsed on the nearest couch and fell asleep.

Author’s Notes:
I’m sorry this is so short. I cut it because I’m too annoyed at the moment to write the last bit.
So, my game is screwed. Details here:
If you have any ideas on how to fix it please let me know, because EA’s suggestions have done absolutely nothing.
Tony and Em’s house is the... second cheapest one in the houses bin? The purple one that looks a bit fairytale like. Around 24,000 simolens. That one. I forgot to take a picture of it and now I can’t get into my game at all so yeah. No picture.
So I think I have enough pics for one more chapter, maybe two short ones. And after that, hopefully I will have my game sorted out. Fingers crossed.
Anyway... let me know if you liked the chapter. I think I'm gonna go read some of that new Percy Jackson book and de-stress.

I nearly forgot! Viola is friends with her car, lol. Luckily I realised before I sold it, haha. That car used to be Kaelie's, then she left it behind when she moved (cos I used 'kick out' option, lol) so I gave it to Kate. So I guess I'm not selling it, haha. She might get a 'lost a friend' moodlet or something, lol.
Until next time,
xx Courtney.


  1. Oh no... you still didn't manage to fix the game? Well, apparently you're not... this sucks. If there was any way I could help you get that fixed.... :(

    I wish you a lot of luck and for the meantime - try to relax. It will be fine eventually. I hope. No, I really do think. :)

    And great chapter! Finally Sean and Viola are sort of together. And although I like the first kiss better when it's done the "traditional" way (especially this "no, I am too shy... okay, I'll go straight ahead and kiss him reaaaally fast" way!), this was a cute idea. I hope they have a chance together.

  2. What happened with the kiss is that she got the wish just as they autonomously went to bed. I couldn't lock it in cos she already had four wishes locked of higher point values. So I was scared it was gonna time out, I think wishes only hang around for four sim hours or something. So I let them sleep for a couple of hours, then sat them straight up in bed and got straight to the kiss! I was not really thinking much about screenshots to be honest :)

    It looks like I will have to reinstall the game. I'm just trying to figure out how to keep my wishacy file. It seems it is possible I just have to work it out :)

  3. The most important thing is that they kissed anyway! ;)

    And good luck for the reinstalling!

  4. I love that Sean and Viola are finally together. They're so sweet together. I love the way you write them.

    Good luck with the reinstall! I live in fear of my game getting messed up... I would have no idea how to fix it.

  5. Your photography in this chapter is just amazing.

    I've been trying to thing of something useful for your tech support thread, and all I can think of is reinstalling.

    You can get your save file by going to Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Saves and copying the files there.

    Actually, what I have done in the past is just renaming Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3, then reinstalling the game, then naming that whole directory back. That should keep all the custom content that you installed via Sims3Pack as well as your saved game.

    It's possible that the problem was caused by some kind of custom content you installed, but I still would try it this way first.

  6. What photography? We had plumbobs over people's heads, stupid paintings in the background... but thanks :) I have recently discovered how to use tab mode when taking pictures, maybe that's it?

    I've got my game back :) I reinstalled. Thank you so much for trying to help :) I don't think the problem was caused by CC, the mac people said my operating system was incompatible with patch 1.25 and advised me to patch only to 1.24 with the reinstall. I patched to 1.25 however as it was unknown what would happen to my save game since it was saved with 1.25. If it happens again I'll patch to 1.24 though.

    I did lose all my CC with the reinstall though. Strange, as it shouldn't have been lost. But whatever, my game's working :)

  7. Well, the romantic shots with Sean and Viola at the beginning were fabulous. And, really, it's just about impossible to do a series of distance shots without having a plumbob or a skill meter show up occasionally.

    I lost all my non-store Sims3Pack custom content a couple of days ago. I think it was from messing around trying to get various downloaded sims into the game. I think it's kind of bizarre that the game can purge content that didn't come from EA's store; I'd be more comfortable if it all disappeared. At any rate, it's probably better for my performance, since I only put back the 3-4 items I was actually using for my current household. If you could drop me a link to Viola's hairstyle, I can edit her in CAS when I see her and give it back to her :).

  8. Thanks :) I like the pics of Viola and Sean too :)

    Viola's current hair is -

    Annubis retexture of Raon 29

    And her old hair is -

    Annubis retexture of Peggy 7662

    (This hair looked great in most pics except for side on, it stuck out in front of her chest)

    Sean's hair -

    TumTum conversion of Anto 55

    Emerson's hair -

    Annubis retexture of Raon 11

  9. Aww... I'm glad Viola and Sean seem like they are getting together! And did you know you can use the cheat 'hideheadlineeffects true' to hide the plumb bobs and skill bars and such for screenshots?

  10. @Kira I did know that, I just always forget to use it :/ Then I look back at my screenshots when I'm doing a chapter and go 'oh god, these are terrible!' I think I'm getting better at pictures though :)