The Hand of Fate: A Sims 3 Share House Wishacy.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Chapter Two: The Sister Thing

I stepped out of the steamy bathroom after work that night to find Kaelie waiting for me outside the door.
‘Meet me on the balcony,’ she said with a smirk, then sauntered off down the hall and into her room. I followed her, a little uncertain, through her bedroom and out onto her balcony.
‘You’re not very... romantic, are you?’ she mused as I slid the glass door shut behind me.
I considered this. ‘I can be romantic. It’s just not always the first thing on my mind.’
‘I like that about you. It’s very - endearing.’
I made a face. ‘Did you just cut my masculinity in half?’
‘Nope. I declare your masculinity fully intact. I just meant it’s refreshing to meet a guy who hasn’t got sex on the brain 24/7.’
I stepped closer to her. ‘That idea’s not leaving my brain anytime soon now you’ve put it there.’

Kaelie grinned cheekily, then leaned forward and kissed me, a quick kiss where her lips only lingered on mine for about a second. I closed my eyes. When I opened them, she was gone.

I saw Kaelie leaving for work when I emerged from my room the next morning to scourer the fridge for leftovers. I gave her a little wave just before she went downstairs. She smiled back and left. Again.

Eating my breakfast, I finally caught a glimpse of my third housemate, Matt. He made no move to stop and chat though, so I let him be for now. Maybe he was shy.

I decided I should probably learn how to cook for myself, so I tried my hand at an autumn salad while Karen pottered around the kitchen, fixing her breakfast. It turned out surprisingly well. I’d just put it away in the fridge when I heard Karen’s voice behind me.
‘I think we left things... unfinished yesterday, don’t you?’
I turned around slowly. She was standing there in a short zebra print skirt that made it extremely hard for me to tear my eyes away from her legs. I gulped.
‘We did?’

She nodded, stepping closer to me. ‘Yeah dirty blonde. We did.’
My breaths were coming short and fast. My blood was hot. I murmured something insanely sensual to Karen that I couldn’t even remember later. And then she was kissing me, but pulling away fast, far too quickly. She saw my confusion and replied ‘we’re late for work.’

In that instant, I was brought back to reality, and I hated it. The inside of my head was an ugly place right now.
After work, I met up with Kaelie for a date. Yes, Kaelie, yes, a date. I didn’t want to think, I just wanted to do. We went to the bistro for dinner, then headed home because Kaelie was tired. 

I invited her into my room and we cuddled on the bed. She was kissing me, firm, tender kisses that made me want to - 

My train of thought was interrupted. A strand of her hair was tickling my face, because I was flat on my back on the bed and she was leaning over me, grinning.
‘Wanna make out?’
I stared up at her. Suddenly, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. 
She sat up, and I did too. I glanced over at her. She was staring at her hands, hurt and confusion evident on her face. I felt absolutely terrible. What the hell was I doing? What the hell had I done?
In a small voice, Kaelie said, ‘Hadley - I’m really tired, I’m going to bed.’

As she left the room, I closed my eyes and consciously changed the timbre of my thoughts. I turned pain into chords, confusion into lyrics. In this headspace, I could manage everything. I just didn’t know what I’d do when I got out. 

Hours later, I was still belting out the chorus of my new song:
Cause I’m not that guy
Who takes a girl for a ride
And gets her into his bed
At the end of the night
Yeah I’m not that guy
I hope I’m not that guy.
I stopped playing as I heard my bedroom door open and turned around. It was Karen. I hadn’t realised anyone was awake. It must be about 4am. Karen winked at me, then slid into my bed, pulled the covers around her, and fell asleep. I envied her for her ability to fall asleep so easily. I watched her sleep for a while - creepy, I know, but I was still in my songwriting headspace. Eventually, I fell into bed in a moment of utter exhaustion where my body would no longer hold me up. Karen was warm, and her slow, even breaths helped to calm my panicked ones.


Author's Notes:

Sorry about the shortness of this chapter! You'll see in the next chapter why I had to end it there. Gosh, those girls are minxes aren't they? They don't seem to mind that they're both getting it on with the same guy. Acutally, I don't think they know. Huh. Interesting.

Until next time,

xx Courtney


  1. Oh, I love that he is writing songs about his feelings - yet another reason to keep on reading ;) But seriously, there is quite a lot going on now, you're right. Being hit on by both sisters at the same time...I guess we will see some nasty fights later on. Until then, I am excited to see how this will go on, who he might choose.

  2. Glad you're enjoying it! I'm currently downloading new hair for the girls. I'm particularly fed up with Karen's look, and I haven't even been playing them for a whole sim week yet! So next chapter will have makeovers. Yay!

  3. ...looking forward to that! ;)

  4. oh dear he is getting himself into biiigggg trouble!!!! two sisters fighting over him, i wander which one he will chose!! You write really well!!!!