The Hand of Fate: A Sims 3 Share House Wishacy.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Chapter Three: Matt's advice

I slept all morning, then had a lazy breakfast, or lunch, or whatever with Matt. It was good to get to know him a bit, hopefully we’ll become mates. 

When we finished eating, I realised that Kaelie should be home from work by now. She wasn’t around the house, so I headed off to the library. I figured if she didn’t have her nose in a book, she’d be working on her novel.
I was right, she was at the library. She’d changed out of her scrubs and was sitting on one of the couches in a sweater and shorts, reading. I almost hated to disturb her, but I hoped she’d be pleased to see me.
‘Hey, Kaelie.’
She looked up from her book and smiled when she saw me.  ‘Hey yourself.’ She stood up, marking her place in the book. ‘What’s up?’
‘I wanted to apologise for last night. I’m really sorry.’
She smiled that gorgeous smile. ‘You don’t need to apologise. I thought about it at work today, and I get it. You want to take it slow.’
I laughed nervously. ‘Yes. That’s it, I do want to take it slow. So, I was wondering, did you want to see a movie tonight?’
‘That sounds really great Hadley. Do you think this outfit will do?’
I rolled my eyes at her. ‘You always look great, now come on, or we’ll miss the start!

After the movie, we were kissing outside the theatre when I noticed Kaelie stifling a yawn.
‘What, am I that bad? I asked jokingly. She looked sheepish.
‘I had a really hard day at work. I was tired earlier, but I really wanted to go out so I didn’t say anything.’
I shook my head. ‘We could have just watched a movie at home!’
‘This was better, I had fun. But, I think we should go home now before I pass out on your shoulder.’
‘Fair enough.’

When we got home, Kaelie snuggled up in my bed and smiled up at me.
‘Thanks for a great night.’
‘No, thank you.’
She giggled. ‘Are you coming to bed?’
‘I’m not sleepy yet. I’ll come in later.’
As I walked out of the room, the spell was broken. I sighed and rubbed my temples as I headed up to the study, where I found Matt.

‘Hey man,’ he said as I climbed the last few stairs.
I smiled ruefully at him. ‘Hey. What’d you get up to today? It was your day off too, yeah?’
He shrugged. ‘Just gym, as usual. I need to get fitter for my job. What’d you do?’
‘Went on a date.’
‘Nice! Who with?’
I shrugged. Matt got the point. ‘Okay okay, you’re not sharing.’
‘It’s not that, it’s just - what do you do if you’re kind of - dating two girls at once?’
Matt’s eyes grew wide. ‘You haven’t even been here a week and you’ve got two girls?’

I nodded. ‘It just kind of - happened. They initiated it, not me.’

‘Well, even though I’m kind of jealous, I say go for it.’
‘We’re young. Just see where it goes with each of them. You haven’t discussed being exclusive, have you?’
I shook my head. Matt continued.
‘A word of warning though. Even if I don’t care, some people might. This is a small town, people like to gossip, you get the picture?’
I nodded. ‘Thanks for the heads up.’

Matt went to bed then, but I couldn’t sleep. I sat there playing computer games until the sun came up.

The next day at work the boss spotted me practicing my new song and I got a promotion!
I was so pleased I told Karen as soon as I got home.

I still wanted to go on a date with Kaelie. A great one this time, not one cut short by her falling asleep or me freaking out. So I cornered her on Saturday morning and asked if she wanted to come to Maywood Glen with me. Matt had said that was a nice, quiet place for a date.

She looked delighted. ‘Really Hadley? That sounds suspiciously romantic of you.’
‘I told you I could be romantic, when I want to be. Come on, let’s go!’
When we got there, Kaelie ran up a rocky outcrop and beckoned me over. ‘Look! you can see the whole town from up here.’
I joined her. The view really was amazing. ‘It’s even better with you here.’
The rest of the date was - well, let’s just say we didn’t get much talking done.

Eventually, it was time for me to leave for work. It was safe to say we were both disappointed.
‘Do you really have to go?’
‘If it were up to me, I’d spend the whole day with you. But i’ve got to go to work, I just got promoted. I can’t get fired now.’

She nodded, then surprised me by leaping into my arms.
‘This was the best date ever Hadley. I never knew you had it in you.’

When I got home from work, Karen came up to me, looking excited.
‘You know how you got a promotion yesterday?’
I smiled. ‘Yeah.’
‘Well, I got promoted too! I’m now a Vegetable Slicer!’
‘That’s great Karen! Hey, did you do something different to your hair?’
She nodded. ‘I got extensions to celebrate. I’m not used to all the hair around my face though, so the hairdresser showed me how to put it up like this.’
‘Well, it looks great.’

My friends from work I’d invited over, Zelda Mae and Anges Crumplebottom, were here by then, so we broke off our conversation. Zelda and Anges were fun to hang out with. I learned that Anges was rich and we had compatible star signs. 

Zelda and I hit it off so well that we arranged to meet up at the park the next day.

We chatted for a little while, about work mostly, until she said something that surprised me.
‘You know, you’ve got a bit of a naughty reputation, Hadley.’
I blinked. ‘Already?’
She laughed. ‘So you admit it?’
I groaned. ‘No - I mean yes - God, this really is a small town.’
She smiled. ‘It certainly is. Anyway, I’ve got to get going, so I guess I’ll see you at work?’
‘Yeah - see you tomorrow.’ I stared after her as she walked to her car. I didn’t have a clue what to do about this whole thing.
I spent my afternoon and evening networking - I really wanted to have another rich friend. I met Malcolm Landgrabb and Holly Alto, who were really nice.

When I got home, I kissed Karen. I told you I didn’t know what I was doing.

Author’s Notes:
So, that seemed like a good place to end it! Poor Hadley’s so confused. 

‘I’m not confused. I’m just only thinking about myself.’
‘Uh, Hadley, I was trying to defend you.’
‘Matt said it was okay.’
‘You do know Matt is evil, right?’
‘He is not. Now, go away, annoying voice in my head. Pretty soon I’ll be talking to myself like Matt does.’
‘So you admit he’s strange.’
‘Shut up. I only like to have rich friends, and you’re not one of them.’
‘Oh, before you go, can I borrow some money? Like, 10 simolens?
‘I’ve only got Australian dollars. And I’m not giving it to you.’

‘Go play your guitar and write some emo song.’
I will, thanks.’

Until next time,
xx Courtney.
‘Why do you sign off with kisses?’
‘I thought you were writing a song.’
xx Hadley


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  2. I especially loved the end - your conversation with Hadley ;)
    Great chapter. It is fascinating to see how he really is hitting on both girls at the same time - but I guess at some point they will find out. Hopefully (as this kind of is not very fair to just keep it going like this). Until then I really enjoy seeing how the relationships develope. And I love the new hairstyles, too!

  3. Thanks! Yeah I like that conversation style of writing but I don't want to write the whole thing like that. So I might do it at the end of each chapter or something. I've played 6 sim days ahead of where this ends, and apart from one romantic wish and some autonomous flirting, he has had NO romantic wishes for either of the girls for about 5 sim days. I might have to fall back on the girls wishes and choose one for him, but I was hoping he'd choose.

    The girls fascinate me too. I really don't think they know. Maybe it's because they're just 'romantic interest' and not 'girlfriend'.

    Next chapter will have a bit of romance at the beginning, then a new hairstyle for Hadley, then a Matt plotline since Hadley is being so boring, haha.

  4. Ha! I love it! It's Four's Company or something.

    I had a run in with the new romantic reputation system, and I'm surprised if Hadly hasn't gotten slammed with a cheating accusation by the time you've played up to.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I look forward to seeing more of yours!

  5. lmao!!! I am just surprised that neither of the sisters have clocked on to him kissing them both - don't they comunicate lol
    great chapter!!!