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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Heir Vote

Time to vote! I know it's kinda early, but Viola completed her life time wish ages ago, so she'll probably only have one or two more chapters. I've aged the kids up to teens in CAS for you, so you can see what they're gonna look like. I've kinda got a favourite, but really I love them all, so it's up to you guys!

Dain Flynn (currently a child in game)

Traits: Evil, Athletic, Excitable.
Life Time Wish: Master Thief
Dain takes after his father Sean in looks and personality. As a toddler, his parents fighting did not bother him in the slightest, in fact, he was continuously fiendishly delighted when they fought. Dain has already decided he wants to be a criminal like his father.
Dain as a teen:

Hermione Flynn (currently a child in game)
Traits: Good, Genius, Grumpy.
LTW: Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler (law enforcement)
Whilst Dain is Daddy's little man, Hermione in Mommy's girl. Witnessing her parent's fighting when she was very young has left Hermione with a terrible relationship with her father. Sean wants to be a part of her life, but the damage is done, and he can't understand why she screamed every time he picked her up. How will this smart, good girl survive in a family funded by crime?
Hermione as a teen:

Nico Flynn (currently a toddler in game)
Traits: Absent minded, light sleeper.
LTW: None chosen yet. He's still a toddler after all!
Nico has storybook good looks, with his golden eyes and his mother's blonde hair. Right now he doesn't notice the crumbling family relationships around him, only the nice people who bring him bottles and give him cuddles. Sometimes it takes a while for someone to notice him crying though, as his siblings seem to get all the attention. He's not quite sure which nice blonde lady is his mother and which is his babysitter...
Nico as a teen:


  1. This is kind of hard... all of them look good. But I especially liked that text you wrote about Hermione (a good girl in a family of evil) and I would really like to see that happen :) So I take her.

  2. I agree, Hermione's story appealed to me the most so I voted for her. Good girls with evil fathers and siblings are always interesting!

  3. I say Dain purely because he is the cutest lol :/ I am getting sad in my old age!!!

  4. I think I also like Dain because the idea of having an evil protagonist sounds fun.

  5. I like Hermione cause I'd like to see her story in her families choas:)

  6. Ooh 4 votes each for Dain and Hermione! They just rolled Life Time Wishes in game, at the same time which I found hilarious. I'll update their bio's accordingly :)

  7. Those lifetime wishes match perfectly! One is the bad guy, one is the good guy. Love it! :)

  8. You're running a dead tie! Oh dear!

  9. I voted for Dain because I think he's cute. Cute and evil :D